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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 29, 2019

Trip South Round 2

Sophie “Süpi” Vallas, 3rd Assistant Scientist


Above: Meter net fun; Below: Deployment socks

Ship's Log

Present Location
25° 22.0’ N x 056° 51.9’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
203°T, 4kts, Stormtris’l, Mainstays’l, Forestays’l

NW Wind and scattered rain.

Souls on board

This is my second consecutive year doing the trip south and oh how different those two trips have been. This year, like last year, started a little later than planned and this year, like last year, we stopped in at the Sakonnet River, but this year, unlike last year, I am sailing for the first time as third assistant scientist! Although this trip started off a little rocky due to weather it has been nothing but fun and full of learning experiences. Like the trips I’ve done in the past as a deckhand/sailing intern I’ve found myself among some amazing people. Students and staff alike who love to play cribbage or teach/ learn new skills. Each trip in that sense has been unique, even after sailing with some people more than once I get to learn new and interesting things about each and every one of them every time. This trip I have found a group of students to play cribbage with and even more that want to learn.

For me this trip has been about learning and trying new things. As third scientist I am constantly learning more about the workings in the lab, but I’m also learning new ways to interact with the students to get them as excited as I am to be in there. The thing I looked forward to the most about becoming an assistant scientist is that I get to interact, teach and learn from all the students as they rotate through each mate and scientist pairing. This is by far my favorite thing, while I enjoyed being part of one watch as a deckhand I like how I get to interact with all the students on and off watch.

I’ve been working for SEA for about a year now and even though this is my second time doing the trip south I’ve got to experience new things. I not only got to do a meter net deployment for the first time underway but it was also my first time being in charge of a meter net deployment. This has been a great trip of many new wonderful and challenging experiences that I know I will never forget and I’m happy I’ve gotten to spend it with such great people. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.

- Sophie “Süpi” Vallas, 3rd Assistant Scientist

P.S. Happy Bday Michaela! Hope it’s a good one!

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#1. Posted by Savine on October 30, 2019

Yeah, a glimpse of Charlotte - you made my day! Thank you!

#2. Posted by M&D on October 31, 2019

Go Supi! Glad to hear it’s even more fab than you anticipated. Miss you. xo

#3. Posted by Irena martens on November 02, 2019

Dear Charlotte,
I loved the way you wrote about your Life on the big Sailing Ship…....,,,,
Your shipmates, your teachers…..all look and sound wonderful.
Be embraced, Grandma



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