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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 07, 2017

Towards the Smoking Sea

Joe Benz, SUNY ESF

Caribbean Reef Expedition

Joe scouring the reef for urchins

Ship's Log

Noon Position
14° 40.687’ N x 061° 54.827’ W

Description of location
Between Guadeloupe and Montserrat

Ship Heading

Ship Speed


Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
2/8th clouds, wind from the North East, sailing under the four lowers towards Montserrat

Souls on Board

Today we continued our sail to the volcanic island of Montserrat, hopefully arriving tonight to deploy our science equipment off the coast. While waking up at 6 has never been something I’d plan for back home, such is life on the Cramer.

Snorkeling in the Cays has been the highlight of the trip so far. It had by far the greatest variety of fish, and the urchins I’m looking at for my project are almost carpeting some areas. But the highlight of the trips was the porcupine puffer we found on the last outing. Hidden within a coral cave not even 20 feet below, he was at least three feet long, too big to even fit in the biggest salad bowl on the ship! Fingers crossed he doesn’t find himself in a bowl in the future.

Relegated to the lab for the morning, Liz and I learned how to run phosphate analysis on the samples we collected during our stay at the Tobago Cays. Our team of three, including Abby our lead scientist, was able to analyze and record a full set of samples, forty in all, which took the majority of our watch. The rest of the watch was spent assisting on deck, sprinkled with a few bird observations. With the first of the nutrient data evaluated, I can finally get started on data analysis for my paper, a task looming ever closer on the horizon. Tonight though, the horizons are clear and I’m hoping for a clear night for some awesome stargazing during watch. 

Off to bed now, a much needed nap before getting up at 0100 for dawn watch. But of course, not before a late-night snack.

- Joe

P.S. Love to Mom, Dad, Ali, Juliet, and Bri. I’ll be back from my tropical wandering soon, to face the feet of snow I’m sure will be waiting.

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