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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 30, 2015

Touring Barcelona

Craig Marin, Assistant Professor of Maritime Studies

The Global Ocean: Europe

C-262 students and their guide, Maica Chacopino, at Sagrada Familia

Ship's Log

Alongside the dock in Barcelona, Spain

Souls on Board

Greetings from Barcelona! The students have all safely arrived onboard, and general ship orientation and safety instruction is well underway!  After yesterday’s welcome by our captain Elliot Rappaport and an explanation of the Sailing School Vessel (SSV) status of the Corwith Cramer, students were introduced to the professional crew and organized into their respective A, B, and C Watch groups. And so begins their acclimation to the culture, customs, and language onboard a scientific, sailing vessel that will continue for the next six weeks!

While yesterday afternoon and evening on board the Corwith Cramer were filled with introductions to the ship and the crew, much of today was devoted to exploring the history, culture and landmarks of the port city of Barcelona. Highlights of the day included stops at examples of Antoni Gaudi’s “modernisme” architecture—we spent a good deal of time at the iconic cathedral, Sagrada Familia—a view of the harbor from the heights of Montjuic, a stop at a local market, examination of Barcelona’s 1889 International Exposition buildings and a wonderful meal and tour of the fishing fleet area of the old port (Port Vell). Students eagerly took in the all of the information offered by expert teacher and tour guide, Maica Chacopino, and other local authorities and followed up presentations with project-related questions. The return to the ship at 1730 gave them a chance to pause and process all they took in today before returning to shipboard orientation.

Tomorrow offers more opportunities for guided and unguided tours of our first port stop. Look for student accounts of their experiences beginning tomorrow and days following in their blogs over the course of our voyage.

Fair winds!

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#1. Posted by barbara clark on October 01, 2015

Hi students and crew!  Janet be sure to say hi to Anthea—tell her hello from a fellow Wellesley alumna!

#2. Posted by kathleen on October 01, 2015

Thank you Craig for such a great blog-what a treat to see Josh and others safe and sound! We are so excited for them.

Josh you missed 6 inches of rain in 13 hours. We literally are on an island…high point at twin oaks with water over the big rocks at Bud’s dock. Truly hard to believe! Recheck email for changed Canary confirmation. Phone now all set for limited use. xoxoxoxo Mom

#3. Posted by Krysia Burnham on October 01, 2015

Thank you so much for posting! It’s great to know everyone is together and that the adventure is under weigh. Hasta la vista, babies! We miss you but know this will be amazing. Already is…



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