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July 31, 2016

Tie Die and Jeopardy

Julia Thompson and Adam May, Montclair Kimberley Academy and Mount Greylock Regional High

SEA Semester

Above: Playing Jeopardy. Below: Daniel tie dying

As someone else in this blog might have told you last week, on Sundays we have a free day. Which means we get a few more hours of sleep and we get to choose what we want to do for a few hours. There were many very fun choices to pick from but the final three were: go to Falmouth (just like last Sunday), go to a mini golf or stay on campus (lazy day). There wasn’t an unanimous decision so the RA’s and Liz had to figure a plan that left everyone happy.

And it did. By dinner we were all exchanging stories of the many adventures we had in the different places we all went. I ended up going to the mini golf with the big majority and it was really fun. While some were at Falmouth doing last minute shopping and others were watching Tarzan up in Madden, we struggled through 18 holes and rode bumping boats until it was time to leave.

The night’s exploratory was a game of Jeopardy. We divided into teams, and the game began, with people shouting answers and tying knots as fast as they could. Though there was no prize, it got intense very quickly, and almost reached violent levels. The game perplexed us with our knowledge of SEA, the house rules, our field trips, our RAs, knots, and what we learned in our two classes. Everyone answered questions, but not everyone answered questions right. After the Jeopardy game was won and lost, our fun sunday came to a close, and study hall began.

Julia and Adam

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