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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 12, 2015

The Small Boat

Chris Nolan, Assistant Captain

Corwith Cramer

Above: 2nd Mate Sara aboard the small boat for picture day. Below: SS/V Corwith Cramer.

SS/V Corwith Cramer is equipped with a rigid hulled inflatable boat that we call the “rescue boat” because it is our first response craft if a person were to fall overboard.  However, it has many other uses - such as a ferry for bringing people ashore when Cramer is anchored out, and as a makeshift tugboat for difficult mooring situations.

To make sure the crew is proficient in using the rescue boat, Sara and Chris got underway today for some rescue boat practice and as a bonus, they had an opportunity to take some photos. 

Sara did a great job getting the rescue boat started and away from Cramer in a following sea (that means the biggest waves are coming from behind the Cramer), and after some boat driving practice, they took a lap around our tall ship to take pictures.  With all the square sails set, Cramer made quite a sight…the Rock of Gibraltar was even in the background! 

After taking a few photos, Sara expertly drove the rescue boat back to Cramer and came alongside the mother ship. A few minutes later the boat was cradled and secure for sea – and we have some great photos to take with us from our trip to the Mediterranean Sea!

As an added note, during a drill today in which we simulated a man over board (a chunk of wood) we deployed the rescue boat as an actual rescue boat! Chief mate Willy and assistant scientist Farley jumped in and took off in pursuit, successfully retrieving the M.O.B. and returning aboard the ship in 6 minutes!

- Chris

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