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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 23, 2017

The Most Wonderful Chocolate Cake

Sophie Vallas, A watch, Union College

Chocolate Cake and New Friends

Ship's Log

Current Position
34°58.43’ S x 174° 08.857’ E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
328.8°, 4.5 knots

Sunny, Partly cloudy with a breeze

Souls on Board

Waking up I knew it was going to be a good day! How was I so sure? Today is my birthday, I turned 22! The day started with a sleepy chorus of Happy Birthday from my fellow shipmates over a delicious breakfast from Assistant Steward of the day, Maddy Savage and our ever so amazing Steward, Sabrina. After breakfast Eileen and I started an intense game of "Spit" which was quickly interrupted by Cassie, our watch officer, asking for our help.

Eileen and I went up on deck to help bring in the small boats that were used to take us to and from shore while we were in Russell. It was when we were taking off the outboard engine of the inflatable small boat that I spotted my knife that had fallen out of my backpack the day before! Today just kept getting better and better.

As the morning progressed Eileen and I continued to help on deck, quickly forgetting about our card game. There was so much to do and so much to learn! We used the fish halyard to help lift the inflatable boat out of the water, in doing so we had to disconnect the halyard from the fish, so when we were done Kirsten taught me how to reattach the halyard to the fish using a piece of wire so the clasp couldn't come undone. The rest of the morning was filled with preparations for departing Russell.

As we were leaving Russell we were greeted by many dolphins that were jumping out of the water to say happy birthday to me! Or at least that is what I thought they were saying. I mean what else could they have been doing? We named one Mike because he stayed alongside us longer than the others. After, we conducted a man overboard drill where A watch successfully got the rescue boat into the water. However, when bringing the small boat back up onto the Seamans, Ben and I turned out to be stronger than we thought and had to wait for the other side of the boat to catch up.

This afternoon I spent most of my time helping in the galley. I've always enjoyed cooking and chatting with Sabrina and Maddy was just icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, did I tell you about the most wonderful chocolate cake they made me? It had raspberry jam on top and was SUPER chocolately! Sabrina said it contained 6 lbs of chocolate. Needless to say I was VERY happy when they woke me up from my nap with cake and more singing.

Over all it has been a pretty great birthday and of course people sang Taylor Swift's "22" to me, but I have to run now, I have evening watch soon and I have to go find my shoes! Thanks for listening and I hope you had as great of a day as I have!

oh my what a day
birthday fun on the Seamans
wind, waves, chocolate cake
(haiku thanks to Elsbeth and Eileen)

- Sophie

P.S. Yes Mom, Dad, Zoe and Buzz I did miss you guys and I forgot to tell someone to wake me up by taking a picture this morning, but hopefully the picture that is attached is sufficient enough. Love and miss you all!

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#1. Posted by Zoe on February 24, 2017

Happy happy birthday sissy!!! The cake looks great!! <3

#2. Posted by Mom and Dad on February 24, 2017

Thanks for the shout out! What a great day and of course Mike, the dolphin, unlike the sunfish, was definitely singing Happy Birthday!
Love you a lot!!



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