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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 18, 2016

The First Full Day on the Bobby C

Alex Salesin, C watch, University of Virginia

Ship's Log

Souls on Board

Hello! We’re having a fantastic time getting settled here on the ship. Our second to last member joined us today after a delayed flight and we will be excited to see our last crew member board this evening. We started the day with a chipper triangle instrument calling us to breakfast and sat down to our first family style morning meal. Then the crew attempted to fill our heads with even more information as we learned the basics of line handling.

After our morning lesson, we packed some paper bag lunches (with homemade hummus) and enjoyed a long walk to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Along the way, we consulted many friendly Kiwis (a.k.a. the locals) for directions who took pity on the meandering group of slightly shabby looking college kids with backpacks.

Once we arrived at the museum, we split off to explore the various cultural, natural history, and war memorial exhibits. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to hear that I bee-lined for the World War II exhibit and spent two hours thoroughly reading every wall blurb and newspaper clipping. I sorted through all of the quotes and images of war and then sat through a bumpy volcano simulation in a separate science exhibit. After eating our lunches on the steps, a small group of us took a walk through a forested city park. A canopy of dense ferns and bright green leaves surrounded us and the hum of cicadas filled our ears. We slowly meandered through the foliage, back through the city and to the ship where we sat down to another delicious meal. The rain of the past couple days finally cleared and we ate on deck under the warm, setting sun.

After dinner, I took a stroll along the water with some friends on a hunt for ice cream. We happened upon a small shop with tubs of brightly colored flavors lined up in two neat rows. I treated myself to a lovely, summertime February maple walnut waffle cone. Now very full and slightly hyped on sugar, I am excited to go to sleep extremely early and get underway in just a couple days! Soon we will be sailing into beautiful blue waters with a seemingly endless supply of Sriracha for our lunches and coffee for standing watch. 

Needless to say, I’m stoked.

- Alex

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