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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 07, 2015

The Final Blog Post! Goodbye to our students!

Ed ("Eddie Riptide") Sweeney, 1st Assistant Scientist

Historic Seaports of Western Europe

C-261 crew photo Cadiz, Spain. A salty bunch, indeed! Harr!

Ship's Log

Noon Position
Dockside, Cadiz, Spain

Description of location
(e.g. 100 nm SE of Newfoundland over Georges Bank!):Cadiz, Spain

Ship Heading

Ship Speed

Taffrail Log
HB (Hauled Back)

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change)
breezy, cloudy, warm, sails furled

Marine Mammals Observed last 24hrs (estimate of totals)
Body surfers and boogie boarders

Souls on Board

With our journey to Cadiz, Spain complete we say goodbye to our dear students and release them back into the world, perhaps (and hopefully) a bit more experienced, and a bit more salty than when we received them in Cork, Ireland. We've sailed more than 1,500 nautical miles by the taffrail log! immersed in the lifestyle of the sailor, the scientist, the historian… the observer, the adventurer.

Students of C-261! Be mindful of the world around you. Observe it. Find its wonders. And think of the adventures you've had on this boat, and rather, that you will have in your life to come. How often do you find yourself staring at the Milky Way? Once a month? Once a year? Once a decade? Remember that it is always there, shining in perfect brilliance above us. Stop and think of how majestic it is to gaze into that band of stars, when you are living with adventure closely at hand. Close your eyes. Feel the wind on your face. Observe and wonder about the beautiful world and universe that surrounds us.

And this might not seem as important now, as you are fresh off the ship, as it will in many months or years or decades from now, when the Corwith Cramer and your loving crew members and fellow students are but memories. Maybe that will be the perfect time to stop what you're doing. Stop everything. Look out to the sky. Find wonder. Find adventure. It is always there. Shining in perfect brilliance.

- Ed 

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