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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

January 04, 2017

The Colleague Voyage begins!

Audrey Meyer, Chief Scientist

Ship's Log

Current Position
17° 44.8’N x 064°41.9’W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
At dock in Gallows Bay, Christiansted, St. Croix

A beautiful warm starry night

A group of 14 invited colleagues from colleges and universities around the country arrived at the Corwith Cramer early this morning, and quickly stowed their gear in their bunks before mustering on the quarterdeck at 1000. Introductions of both the professional staff and the colleague participants followed, along with discussion of our general plan for the voyage. The colleagues, who are working members of the ship’s crew for the next five days, were assigned to their three watches. They held initial watch meetings and then rotated through orientation to hydrowire deployments and to sail handling.

After a tasty lunch, SEA Maritime Studies Professor Mark Long led a walk through Christiansted, where he and colleague participant Jenny Anderson described some of the history of St. Croix during visits to Christiansvaern fort and the nearby scale house. Everyone had an hour of free time to explore the local area, after which we regrouped on Cramer’s quarterdeck to debrief the excursion.

Morgan Barrios (Steward) and Ger Tysk (Assistant Steward) treated us to a delicious dinner of Swedish meatballs and salad. The long day of training and orientation rounded out with the colleague participants learning about the science lab, the engine room, and boat checks. Having absorbed a smorgasbord of information throughout the day, a tired but enthusiastic group of colleagues headed to bed at 2100 for a good night’s sleep before getting underway and setting sail for Puerto Rico tomorrow.

Audrey Meyer
Chief Scientist

Jennifer (Jenny) Anderson, Stony Brook University
Peter Bower, Barnard College / Columbia University
Jonathan (Jackie) Brown, Grinnell College
Michael Clifthorne, Evergreen State College
Rachel Fink, Mount Holyoke College
David Goodwin, Denison University
Antony S. Harold, College of Charleston
Ian Johnson, Colorado College
Herm Lehman, Hamilton College
Thomas Luxon, Dartmouth College
John Petersen, Oberlin College
David R Rain, George Washington University
David A Thomas, Arizona State University
Helen Young, Middlebury College

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