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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 28, 2016

The Chief Mate’s Parasol

Martina Louise Friis Ravn, C Watch, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Oceans & Climate

Out of the low pressure system and starting to feel the tropical sun…

Ship's Log

Current Position

Ship’s Heading & Speed
236° T, 4.9 kts

Sail Plan
Motoring under the four lowers

Clear night with a million stars over us

Souls on Board

As a Dane on an American vessel in the middle of the Atlantic you get so many great and funny cultural experiences. Last night, celebrating Thanksgiving and 1st Advent at the same time, was so much fun and I must admit that I felt a bit extra tired when I woke up today. Maybe that was why the heat hit me so hard. A thousand degrees at least. That was what I expected when I looked at the thermometer for yet another hourly. Today we were met by a clear, blue sky and a baking sun. We are definitely out of the recent low pressure system and have been traveling under sails again. It is starting to feel like the tropics with a temperature around 30 degrees Celsius. The fact that it will be December in only two short days is unbelievable. Here on Cramer people are coming up with creative solutions such as parasols or hats filled with water to stay hydrated during the hours on watch with few places with shade. But I think all of us on board happily would agree to almost any weather conditions as long as they involved good wind for sailing.

As I write these words after my watch has ended, I can hear that the motor is being warmed up for yet another night of motoring. The conditions change all the time out here and just as we were getting excited about the wind, things shifted and we once again have to adapt to what nature gives us to work with. When the wind is not in our favor, I try to enjoy and appreciate other things. I love all the small tiny things there are different from what I am used to in Denmark. My shipmates must be tired by now by the fact that I keep finding it so hilarious how peanut butter keeps appearing on different food. We have had apples, bananas, noodles, and dates with peanut butter. People have even been eating it on cornflakes in the morning or just whole spoons of it directly from the jar, which seems so weird to me. So as much as I am learning about sailing and science out here, I indeed am also learning a great deal about Americans, which is amazing. So amazing, I will switch to Danish now to share it with all the people back in Denmark.

Kaere alle hjemme I Danmark. Her er saa et livstegn fra Atlanten, hvis I kigger med. Baade Anna (fra Kiel) og jeg har faaet lov at skrive vores lille blog paa baade engelsk og tysk/dansk, hvilket er saa befriende! At vaere faa ‘fremmede’ I blandt en gruppe mennesker fra en kultur er en gave og fantastisk mulighed for at laer og faa indsigt I en kultur, men ved den soede groed, hvor savner jeg ogsaa at snakke dansk! Jeg har det godt, er konstant udmattet og blier overvaeldet af smukke stjerner, solnedgange og flyvefisk, hvor end jeg vender mig. Rytmen har indfundet sig efter de foerste ugers slid og slaeb og gud hjaelpe mig, om vi ikke I dag er lige midt paa Atlanten mellem Las Palmas og Portsmouth! Sikke et sted at faa lov at haenge sin pakkekalender op (tak far!) og se frem mod jul, droemme om sin kaerste og faa haard hud paa fingrene, naar kun seks mennesker soerger for alle sejl er sat, saa de resterende fireogtyve kan sove trygt. Jeg misunder jer den kolde vinter derhjemme, naar solen braender og efterlader os solmaerker paa skuldre, ryg og foedder efter vores harness og sandaler, men nyder det ogsaa for fuld skrue.

De varmeste hilsner, uendelige knus og mange droemme om jer alle, naar jeg som look out staar og stiger ud over det blaa hav, der fortsaetter og fortsaetter dag for dag. Jeg glaeder mig til at se jer alle til jul! Mor, far, Clint og Freja, I er den bedste familie man kunne oenske sig! Teis, jeg kan ikke vente med at vaere tilbage I Holtewood med dig!  Jeres Martina.

- Martina

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#1. Posted by Jim Bowen on November 29, 2016

Thank you for a great description - and perspective - of life aboard ship as a Dane.  grin



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