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August 06, 2017

The Last Sunday

Isabelle Stacks and Elizabeth Gutierrez, Newton South High School and Denver South High School

SEA Semester

Above: Students hike around Long Pond. Below: Amanda Katarina Ana and Maggie enjoy a refreshing swim after their hike.

As this is our last Sunday at SEASCape, we had many options for activities to participate in during the day.  We began with a wonderful breakfast at 9:00 am of eggs, bacon, coffee, and English Muffins.  Some of us had the opportunity to tie dye if we had previously disliked our first tie dye shirts, and a few others decided to join in by tie dying their own shirts. 

At noon, we gathered together to make sure that our plans were all set.  We each decided to join in on different activities: hiking, sun tanning at the beach, mini golf/arcade, or visiting with family.  Various group members decided that today was a great day to be outdoors and enjoy the warm and beautiful weather.  Those who did not see family packed bagged lunches to take with them on their travels. We all met back on campus at around 4:45 pm so we could have time to shower and rest. 

At 6:00, we ate a delicious dinner of chicken or tofu, salad, and mashed potatoes.  Thanks Sabrina!  Everyone had an amazing day today and we are all tired because of it.

Isabelle and Elizabeth

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