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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 03, 2019

The Island Life

Daniel Karparis, University of Maine Orono

Study Abroad at Sea

Above: A rainbow and me. Below, top: Dan and Rikki peeking under a rock for critters while snorkeling. Bottom: Underwater people.

Ship's Log

Port Louis, Grenada

At Port

Sail Plan
No sails raised

29°C mostly clear skies, force 2 winds from NE

Souls on Board

Ahoy and land ho from Grenada! My name is Dan Karparis and I am currently a junior at the University of Maine in Orono, where it is most certainly not 29°C and sunny, sorry not sorry. I am currently writing this blog for December 3rd in the library of the SSV Corwith Cramer on December 4th at around 2100 (only eight hours after leaving the beautiful and friendly island of Grenada). The wind has picked up considerably, which is great for sailing, but not so great when you have to write a blog. So bear with my writing because, as the waves rock our ship pushing me side to side, I get closer and closer to head-butting the computer screen.

Yesterday was a BUSY day. We spent most of the morning in the water conducting our coral reef surveys of Flamingo Bay and didn't finish processing our specimens and photos of the reef until around 1900. Specifically, my swimming partner Carla and I tallied invertebrates along our transect line and took five different samples of nutrients (both NO3 and PO4), chlorophyll A, bacteria, pH, and alkalinity. Back at the ship's lab, Carla analyzed alkalinity, Thomas chlorophyll A levels, and Izzy bacteria, while I used m-cresol dye to determine the pH levels in our specimens (we will analyze nutrient samples later). Still, we were fortunate enough to have some spare time in between our reef surveys and lab work to check out an underwater sculpture park! We were awed by the parks uniqueness and creativity.

As this was our final full day in Grenada, I would like to spend some time speaking about the kindness and generosity we experienced on the island. The locals were incredibly friendly, often saying good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight more frequently than I say hello back in the U.S. Distinctly, I remember a conversation my classmate Valeriia and I had with a man named Felix one evening. He explained how he enjoyed foreign visitors and how Grenadians who spoke poorly of them made him angry. We chatted briefly about how we feel it is wrong when people let differences in culture, economic background, and skin color prevent them from making connections. Instead, we should befriend people who our different from ourselves to seek new perspectives.

I would also like to take this section of your computer screen for a couple of B-Day shout outs. The first one goes to the father of Rebecca Alisandratos (also known by her shipmates as Rebecs or Little Bean). Not a day goes by that we are not warmed by your daughter's contagious smile and laughter. Happy birthday and cheers! The next goes to my sister Abby! I am no doubt here in part to you. Your adventurous lifestyle and care for our planet admirably speaks wonders and I cannot wait to witness the positive changes which you will have on this world! Love ya "big sis"!

- Daniel

P.S. An additional loving shout out to all of my friends and family, especially Mom and Dad! See you guys in twenty days (unfortunately I will not be bringing the warm weather with me, but instead a whole bunch of stinky clothes).

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