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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 20, 2019

The fog is gone!

Tamara Crawford and Jackson Karas , B-watch

Ship's Log

Current Location
around George’s Bank

Ship’s Heading & Speed
310deg, 3 knots or so

clear, winds south by west Beaufort Force 3-4

Ship’s crew

This morning we emerged from the fog. The ship made way at a fast pace; we soon left far behind the cloaking Stratus cloud that for so long darkened our horizons. We had a nice breeze, which allowed us to sail with six sails. In addition to the four normal triangular sails, we raised a topsail, which is square, and an additional triangular sail at the bow. In order to raise those sails we had to handle a couple of lines that we had not before. We had no clue where they were, and were left standing in a confused circle, like lost tourists waiting for their guide.  We had to be rescued by a paragon of kindness and patience: Sally, who showed us where the ropes were.

As you can see the practice to prep for the line chase was needed. However, A-watch took it way farther than can even be called reasonable. Scurrying around the ship like mice and hollering at the top of their lungs whenever they thought they got a line right, which was often and mostly wrong. Despite this, the practice eventually paid off. A-watch did win the line chase, but they had the most incongruous conga line; with a rather depressed front man, and an excited and energetic peanut gallery following behind. We came in second, and acted with all due poise in the position, but one of our number, had the impudence, to body check a member of another group and they were forced to crab walk as a result.

Aside from the line chase not much happened of interest, for you I have no doubt, nor for the participants. Except for, the curious case of the Cajun cookies.

It was a warm night in the galley, Kylie and Maddie were cooking the afternoon snack, which has always been one of the greatest pleasures of the entire ship's crew. The original intention was to make snickerdoodles, but unbeknownst to the steward and stewardee something was about to go drastically wrong. It crept up on them like a tiger to its prey. The recipe called for four and a half sticks of butter but laying around in the kitchen there were only four sticks. Something had to be done. So kylie went down to the fridge to collect another stick of butter. All seemed to be well until the batter was tasted. Kylie was dumbfounded, in all her years of chefery nothing like this had ever happened. Somehow, the batter tasted spicy! Upon further investigation it was discovered that the last half stick of butter was in fact garlic butter, so the plan for snickerdoodles was abandoned. Kylie in her infinite genius quickly cooked up a plan she tossed in some rosemary and chili powder, and behold the Cajun cookie was invented;I think they are almost as good as normal snickerdoodles. And so, we conclude this evening's blog with breaking news and announcements. Jackson has not fallen off the ship, Diego has been recognized for his odd hand motions and spontaneous noises, regrettably all Texans do not have Texas accents, the kid with long blond hair from California is in fact a surfer and a possum, and despite the advertisements we have not had more than six sails up at a

This has been Tucker Carlson for FOX news

Good night.

Hello mom and dad I hope that you have won large sums of moneys while in Vegas so I don't have to pay for this trip. Also, please consider hiring Cody the ships steward and my lord and savior to be our chef.

Love you guys - Jackson

Hey guys love you all, and I echo the sentiments of my partner with regards to Cody

Your very humble servant, Tamara

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