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November 04, 2019

The Definitive Top 5 mugs of the SSV Robert C Seamans

Grace Callahan & Catherine Czajka, Wellesley College & University of Delaware

(From left to right) Rocky, Grace, and Cat enjoy warm applesauce for morning snack out of their respective mugs: #5, #2, and #1.

Ship's Log

Calm and balmy. No wind. Waves less than 1 ft.

Souls on board

Hey all!

Its Grace here, reporting from the New Zealand EEZ (exclusive economic zone) just one day away from Auckland. These past two weeks at sea have gone by in one happy, chaotic blur and it seems unreal that we could be leaving the ship so soon.

I woke up this morning to the sound of the hydro winch sending the CTD down 2000m, carrying with it a bag of styrofoam cups we each decorated. The pressure at depth crushed the cups into doll-size, creating oceanic shrinky-dinks for each of us to keep.

In the spirit of all this pre-emptive nostalgia, Cat and I have formulated a ranked list of the best mugs on the Robert C. Seamans. On a ship where inordinate cups of tea and coffee keep us all awake and warm during 1 am to 7 am watch, mugs play a large role in our lives. Here are our favorites:

#1: Gentleman's style

A recent discovery, this mug has shaken the Robert C. Seamans. It is decorated with the words "gentleman style," followed by just the word, "style," and various items of fancy menswear, including a cane, a mustache, and black and white loafers. Elegant, classy, and utterly nonsensical, this mug is the clear top choice. If this mug was a crew member on the Bobby C, it would be Farley. To be more specific, if Farley and a leprechaun took a pottery class together, gentleman's style would be the result.

#2: OMG Come on come on

A close runner up, this piece of functional artwork has "OMG" emblazoned on both sides and "come on come on come on come on" written on a banner underneath and around the sides. The top has three colored handprints, and the bottom just has the word "COME," placed in a way that it's a little more than mildly threatening. We can't say why it exists or who made it, but we love the energy. This mug is Renee, our chaotic queen.

#3: The Heritage of Genghis Khan

This mug is at the same time the most straightforward and the biggest mystery. All it says across the front is, "The Heritage of Genghis Khan" in a simple red font. No one has a clue what it means or why it's on this ship. Yes, we know who Genghis Khan is (most of us anyway). Was it bought at a museum? Is it merchandise from a play? We. Do. Not. Know. For this reason, it is one of the most commonly used mugs on this ship. This mug is no one on the Robert C. Seamans because we have lived together far too long for anyone to be a mystery.

#4 Now I Am. 7

Another recent discovery (thanks field day): the Now I Am 7 mug is a true treasure. It has no handle, but is clearly kept on the boat for its charisma. The inner rim says "Now I Am." in America's favorite font: Comic Sans. The outside opposite of these words is a big number 7 with small, busy children doing random tasks all over it. This mug is Tise, because she is seven years old and makes our lives on the ship as joyful as all those random children imprinted on it.

#5 I'm not old I just need repotting

This classic mug has a very simplistic flower on the front, accompanied by the words "I'm not old, I just need repotting." How can you not love such a wholesome message that combats ageism on the boat. This mug is Grace, the oldest soul on the boat, and because it contains the essential "just got back from the farmers market" voibes.

Honorable mention: Gramps is the name.

An iconic mug with several carefree stick figures on it, and the words "Gramps is the name, spoilin's the game" emblazoned above. This mug has lost a spot in the top charts due to its unfortunate demise on the quarterdeck one night, where it was shattered and sadly tossed into the Pacific. But we must mention it all the same. 

We hope this has given you an inside look into everyday life aboard the Robert C. Seamans through our various charismatic dishware. Stay tuned for our arrival in Auckland!


Grace and Cat

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#1. Posted by Jennifer Schildge on November 05, 2019

Winner winner chicken dinner! That was a PFP (pretty funny post). Welcome back to land.

#2. Posted by Jane Schildge on November 05, 2019

Hi there Carlin and shipmates…...Fascinated by your MUG discussion and need a rerun of how you shrink the styrofoam by dunking it into the ocean.  Please explain.  I thought it never disappeared???  Thanks for enlightenment on this most important topic.  You really got to New Zealand fast, and we have loved the descriptions of your stops along the way.  thank you for sharing with your relatives on dry land all the fascinating places you have visited.  Sounds like a fantastic trip. 
Love from Grama and Opa

#3. Posted by Amy Callahan on November 06, 2019

Hahahaha - a markedly different post than the October 8th one, Grace!  This made me miss you and your adorable energy so much! It sounds like you have found some like minded tea drinking card sharks on this journey.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


#4. Posted by jennifer pope on November 07, 2019

Mug Love. A wonderful view into your world on board ship. Great fun! We miss you and love following you on the map.
Aunt JJ



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