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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 16, 2020

Thankful for Thankless Work

Logan Stouse, B Watch, Pomona College


Above: B(uff) Watch hauls away on the main sheet; Below: Learning about the Neuston Net from the lab top.

Ship's Log

Present Location
41° 28.5’ N x 070° 45.3’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and Sail Plan
At anchor in Tarpaulin Cove

Incoming gale (but we’re in sheltered waters)

Souls on board

Life on the deck of the Cramer involves a lot of what some might call thankless tasks. Today, as we tacked around the end of Martha’s Vineyard, we had to strike the two stays’ls very quickly. B Watch, along with some miscellaneous folks that happened to be on deck, was confronted with a blur of muscle work. As soon as I finished easing the halyard to let down the mainstays’l, I hopped on top of the lab to furl it. Immediately after that I had to run forward to do the same for the fore stays’l. Then it was back aft to strike the mains’l as well. By the end, I was scatterbrained and exhausted, but we had safely brought the ship into the safety of Menemsha Bight.

Throughout this seemingly hectic yet methodical process, I moved to where I was needed and nobody went out of their way to thank me or anyone else for doing these arduous tasks. This isn’t a bad thing. Life on the Cramer requires a lot of a person, and you can’t expect to be praised for doing everything that is expected of you, especially while on deck. “Ship, shipmate, self” is an oft-repeated saying at SEA, but I really felt it today. Doing all of that work isn’t exceptional, it’s the baseline. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t gratifying work. Seeing the Cramer get from Point A to Point B efficiently and safely is a beautiful thing to see, and being there for your shipmates is a wonderful feeling in and of itself.

And in the end, some kind words from our watch officers (thanks Carolyn and Süpi!) go a long way, and we do actually feel thanked for our efforts. B Watch (AKA Buff Watch) passed the helm to C Watch feeling happy with the work we’d done and ready for a phenomenal steak dinner cooked by Adam, Katey, and Sam. As I write this, I’m heading off to bed, happily ready for another day of “thankless” work, because I’m thoroughly stoked to be part of
something bigger than myself.

- Logan Stouse, Pomona College

PS:  Much love to Mom and Sophia for paving the way before me. Happy Early Birthday Daddy-O! Mary Iris, can’t wait to see your beautiful face in Key West.

Editor's Note: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, all SEA Semester students, faculty, and crew aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer boarded the ship after strictly isolating on our Woods Hole campus for a minimum of two weeks, and after repeated negative tests for COVID-19. To ensure the health and safety of those onboard, the ship will not conduct any port stops and will remain in coastal waters so that any unlikely medical situations may be resolved quickly.

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#1. Posted by Mary Iris on October 17, 2020

I am so so so beyond proud of you!! Sounds like a long day, but it also sounds like you’re totally killing it (which was exactly what I expected). So glad to see how brilliantly everyone is handling their first week on board! Can’t wait to hear all about it smile

#2. Posted by Isabella on October 17, 2020

What a nice article from a nice young man! This generation has such a great can-do attitude! We love to see it. @ Mary Iris Ooh la la

#3. Posted by Leslie Reeves on October 17, 2020

Well done, Logan!  You really painted a picture and also conveyed the importance of this experience, ie being a part of something bigger than yourself.

#4. Posted by Valerie Tennant on October 19, 2020

I am so thankful for this blog! Thank you all for the wonderful tales from the ship.  Loving every detail and every picture.  So great to see a glimpse of Sara! You guys are amazing - we’re so proud of all of you!

Valerie, Sara’s mom



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