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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 18, 2017

Thank You

Maddy Ouellette, C Watch, University of New England

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

Student Elizabeth Phillips hauls on a line with crew

Ship's Log

Current Position
22° 20.8’ N x 077° 38.0’ W

12nm NE of Cayo Crus, Cuba

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Steering 352 psc, making 7.7 knots

Sail Plan
Sailing on a starboard tack under the jib, staysl’s and single-reefed main

NE winds force 6, NExN swell 7ft. Overcast skies with Cumulus and Stratocumulus. Temperature 25.

Souls on Board

Hello and Good Evening Family, Friends, and Readers!

I first want to start today’s blog to tell all of you that we are all well and having the times of our lives! We had a small change of plans with our second port stop in Cuba, but turned out ok because we got to go to this gorgeous little island called Great Inagua. We did some beachcombing, some snorkeling, and some much needed relaxing. Since Great Inagua, we have consistently been going 6-8kts (except for times where we are deploying science). The sea state has been a bit wild, but nothing like it was during our Windward Passage adventure. All the students, including myself, have been working very hard on finishing our Oceanography projects that are due on Monday and also finishing our Change Paper Addendums, and putting the last artistic touches on our journals. Doing all this homework along with getting enough sleep, eating, and standing six hour watches is enough to make anyone go a little nuts.

It has been interesting to see the change in people’s personalities in the past few days. I think everyone is coming to the realization that this otherworldly experience is coming to a quick end and along with all the things we have to do each day and homework, I see more people just sitting on deck looking out at the water and taking it all in. This isn’t an experience to take for granted, and my one wish for all my shipmates is that they take this experience home and tell everyone they know about it.

What I don’t think a lot of people realize is that this program is so much than learning how to sail, doing science, and visiting islands. This program teaches you responsibility, time management, organization, leadership, teamwork, community living, and respect for others, the ocean, and yourself. These are things that can’t be marketed, these are things that can’t be sold or seen in pictures. These things can only be seen or talked about, and if they aren’t being seen or talked about, than this program and all the good it does for the human soul goes away. I want all my shipmates to go back to their corners of the world and shout from the rooftops about how they learned to be better people and how they gained knowledge that will carry them throughout their lives in all aspects. I want people who have a fear of water or of heights to see this program not as an impossible goal, but as a challenge to overcome. Shore component plants the seed of knowledge in all of us and then the sea component waters that seed until it is time for us to go out into the world and share share share!

Family and friends, please do me a favor. When we get home, ask us about our time here on the boat. Let us tell you all the insane stories that might scare you, let us share our silly inside jokes even though you won’t understand them. Let us show you every single picture and video we took and comment on how beautiful it all is and how cool that experience might have been. And most importantly, don’t let us forget that we took a huge leap and did this crazy awesome program and didn’t go with our other college friends to a less exciting study abroad program. And to my fellow students as you read this from home in 9 days, PLEASE don’t forget to thank whomever sent you here. Thank them endlessly because they gave you the opportunity to experience all that we did. Even though that person or people might not get all your inside boat jokes or see the true beauty in the pictures you took, they gave you the chance to soak all this in and become a better person inside.

Thank them because now you can appreciate walking down a hallway and not bashing against one side and then the other. You can now appreciate not having to brace yourself when you sleep or look like Spiderman when taking a shower. You now will love tables that don’t swing back and forth and a kitchen where things aren’t too high to reach. But for the first few weeks you are home from this trip, you will sometimes stop yourself when doing familiar tasks like checking to see whether the dial is at midships when driving your car, or setting out a clean dish set when you are done with a meal. You will find yourself calling right and left, port and starboard for at least 3 weeks and calling the restroom the head for about 2. It will be the small things like this that will make you stop and smile and think back to this time of trial and error, of tears and or sweat. You will think about all the times you were scared, or nervous, or tired. You will remember all the thumbs up, star wars jokes, and the science report song. You will remember your shipmates, the exclusive aft cabin and the engine room.

I know we still have 8 days but I can’t imagine what my life would be like without all 12 of you in it. We will always have this experience to share for the rest of forever and that makes me unbelievably happy. I love you all from the bottom of my salt soaked heart.

- Maddy

PS- Fam, we will be sailing into WPB on March 28th. Time is still TBA because of weather and I will be getting the name of the dock very soon, but I know it starts with an R and has I think a ch and an illo in it somewhere. Ok see y’all soon. Get ready for a boat load (pun intended) of salty sailors to want to come over and go in the pool lol…….. sorry. Love you guys! Give the pigs of guiene a kiss for me! Xoxo, Cat 5.

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