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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 18, 2015

Tearing the Ship Apart

Chris Nolan, Captain

Corwith Cramer

Above: Sara and Shlee dangle from the bowsprit with a view of Mallorca Cathedral. Below: Eric works on removing the teak cap rail from the bow for maintenance.

Ship's Log

Mallorca, Spain

SSV Corwith Cramer is in her annual maintenance period in Mallorca, Spain, and so far the crew have wasted no time in tearing the ship apart and getting after some of the projects which will allow this beautiful vessel to have another excellent year voyaging around the Atlantic.

Today, Sara and Shlee spent many hours dangling in safety harnesses from the bowsprit working diligently to remove the copious amounts of wire, rope, and turnbuckles (“bottles”) attached to the front end of the Cramer.  This is important because one major project is to remove the entire bowsprit for maintenance. The bowsprit is an often overlooked, but critical part of the overall rigging structure of our tall ship.  Since the sprit needs some love, we’ll send her ashore to be re-welded and painted before reinstalling it later this month. 

Alex and Kelsey led another large team of crew members in removing the hydro winch motor for its annual service.  The hydro winch motor is critical for the numerous science deployments we conduct while underway on Sea Semesters.  Although it was a bear to get the motor out, having it refurbished and reinstalled will allow another year of productive science!

Back aft, Willie and his team worked on removing the main mast boom, which also needed some maintenance.  Using some clever physics and rigging work, they made easy work of lowering an extremely heavy and long piece of aluminum to a safe position for work.

The whole time, Jamie, Nick, and Nina prepared breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner for our hardworking crew…and every bite was much appreciated. It is amazing to see the power of 25 crew members working towards the common goal of making SSV Corwith Cramer a wonderful place to live and work in 2015-2016.


Caption: Sara and Shlee dangle from the bowsprit with a view of Mallorca Cathedral
Caption: Eric works on removing the teak cap rail from the bow for maintenance.

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