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July 03, 2018

Sure was a Great First Day for SEASCape Session 1!

Jess Eccleston & Ivy Albright, New Canaan High School & Holliston High School

SEA Semester

Above: Intro to Oceanography! Below: Harlan and Lia work on a leadership activity.

Today was our first full day at SEASCape! We all woke up at 7:30 to get dressed and ready for breakfast at 8:00. After our bowls of cereal and bushels of grapes, we learned about the chore rotations and watch groups. We were then able to meet with our watch groups to begin learning how to tie basic knots. We learned the figure eight knot and attempted some others that will be taught later on in the program. Then everyone trudged up the hill to the lecture hall to attend the introduction class to our “Oceans and Society” and “Oceanography” classes.

In Oceans & Society class we learned about how people's views and opinions on the ocean have changed from fear to curiosity. Our Oceanography class introduced us to the differences between Biological, Physical, Chemical, Geological Oceanography and Humanities as well as the similarities. This was followed by some down time in which we sat outside and were able to throw a frisbee and pass a soccer ball around before lunch. After lunch, we had one more class, where we were introduced to our podcast project that will be due in about 2 weeks. Then it was off to the beach for a few hours.

At the beach some of us lounged on the shore while the others swam, it was a hot humid day so the refreshing waves were welcomed with open arms. We then headed back for dinner, consisting of chicken, (veggie burgers for us non-meat eaters) green beans, and potatoes, before doing some leadership training. In leadership training we learned just how hard completing a task can be with minimal or unclear instruction. The class was followed by an hour-long study hall where we all worked on homework or upcoming projects. We were then able to return to our rooms and write this blog for you!

- Jess Eccleston (New Canaan High School) and Ivy Albright (Holliston High School)

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