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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 21, 2015

Sun and Cleaning in Cadiz

Ana Rita Rodrigues, University of Azores

The Global Ocean: Europe

C-262 crew hard at work on Field Day

Ship's Log

Alongside in Cadiz

Light winds and SUN!

Souls on Board

Hello everyone. This was our fifth day in Cadiz, which was an extra day. We chose to wait another day because, with flexibility in our schedule, we could easily delay our departure and wait for seas to calm down now that the wind and rain has lessened. And now, we are having our first full day of sun in Cadiz.

We started the day at 0800 with some of us pretty nervous about our practical exam that we had right after breakfast. We didn’t know what to expect and some of the new things that we recently learned are complicated. But at the end everything went well, it wasn’t that hard or at least it wasn’t as hard as I feared it might be.

Right after lunch, which is always so amazing (congrats to our Chef stewards Nick and Sarah who are always so focused on making us more and more happy and full every day) we had FIELD DAY!!! I know that means cleaning everything and almost no one likes to clean, but on this particularly boat the field day means music, dancing, singing, chocolates all at the same time which is the best of the combinations that the word can have. Believe us, this day is our chance to feel like we are having a party while we are cleaning.

Now we are preparing our bodies and minds to get back to the watches schedule and back to the sea again, this time in a much bigger ocean that can give us a totally different experience than the Mediterranean gave us before. So, off we go again tomorrow to adjust to the new waves and the new winds.

- Ana Rita

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#1. Posted by Susana Gonçalves on October 22, 2015

Olá Ana Rita
We loved your article. You transmit a lot of pleasure when you make every moment on the boat worthy of your joy. We also appreciated how you value the effort of the team (Nick and Sarah) to give you moments of joy.
We wish to all the Team a good trip to Madeira.

Have fun!

Susana e Venceslau



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