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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 13, 2019

St John, USVI’s Port Stop

Sarah Acker-Krzywicki, A watch


Above: Fred and Jordon aloft today right after sunrise as we just entered through Round Rock Passage; Below: Cloud pics courtesy of Wika,

Ship's Log

Present Location
18° 21.8’ N x 064° 45.0’ W, Francis Bay, St. John USVI

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
At Anchor

Wind from ExS F1, seas calm

Souls on board

So uhhh, tonight we saw aliens.

Just as I was settling into a relaxing anchor watch after a long day of customs, ice cream, anchoring, swim calls, delicious views, and overly sunny and sweaty cuddle puddles, some more excitement peered around the corner. 

Around 1930 a gaggle of us hung over the starboard side of the boat shining dive lights into the very green very warm Tarpon habitat that is Francis Bay. The big shark-like Tarpon fish hurled themselves out of the water to catch small shallow fish as bats dove down to the water’s surface for bugs.

“I can’t believe we we’re swimming in there earlier,” exclaims Ollie. “I just want them to nibble my toes,” mumbles Nat.

But wait- What is that? I look up and see a stream of about twenty very bright stars in a perfectly straight line rushing across the sky. Our attention is turned off of the fish. We slam the dive lights off. The assistant scientists are baffled. Unsure whether to believe our eyes or not we gather more people. Seriously what is it?! Its probably military planes being reflected by the moonlight says Kevo. Its Space Ex says Sonia. Nononono, its aliens. We just saw aliens. That is the only logical answer.

After a few minutes of shock, its back to Dive light shining in the water (this time on the port side of the boat). The twinkling lights of St. John remind us that we are not actually cut off from internet and lead us to realize with the help of Kevo’s phone, that Sonia was right. No we didn’t see aliens just a fleet of Space Ex robots.

- Sarah Acker-Krzywicki

PS:  Special shoutout to my sister Yael. Every cloud I see makes me think of you. seriously the best clouds I’ve ever seen. 

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#1. Posted by Astrid on November 16, 2019

Thank you for beautiful post and amazing pictures - very artistic and majestic! Tarpon fish and ancient aliens -  you guys are moving in great company



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