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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 28, 2019


Maria Jose (MJ) Fernandez, Teaching Assistant/Deckhand


The feast in Las Galeras

Ship's Log

Current Location
20° 39.2’ N x 072° 16.5’ W, Heading towards Great Inagua

Ship’s Heading & Speed
260° at a speed of 4.5 knots

A beautiful sunny sporty day!

Souls on board

As I sit at one of our gimbaled tables in the main saloon and look around at all of my shipmates swaying along to the rocking of the ship, I can't help but be filled with gratitude as I look back at our weekend in the DR. It never ceases to humble me to realize that I get to call so many incredible places home. This weekend I got to see two of these places come together as we sailed the little floating ecosystem we call the Corwith Cramer into Samana Bay in my home country, Dominican Republic. It is always a privilege to get to sail into your own country, seeing your flag go up the halyard, recognizing the geography that you have seen so many times before from a completely different perspective, and of course knowing that you get to see your family and eat delicious food! Plus the added bonus of knowing that you get to share all of these things with your students and shipmates.

We ended up sailing into DR a day early, which meant more time to explore the bay. With our added day we took a field trip that actually meant a lot to me as it kind of brought my story of working with the sea full circle. We went to a place called Las Galeras the area where I first fell in love with the sea almost 10 years ago. I went there on a trip to do a reef check at Playa Fronton and after that there was no turning back; I was head over heels in love with the ocean. Through many twists and turns in life I think that this beach is one of the major reasons why I ended up at SEA, so it felt like a very important moment to be able to take my students there. I sat at the same table in the same beach shack I used to go to as a student and ate a giant plate of fish, rice and plantains while talking about the Dominican really could not get much better.

The rest of the weekend was a complete whirl wind filled with music, exploration, knowledge, food, and family. We got to visit one of the most important national parks in the country, Los Haitises. We met with a number of stakeholders on marine resources at the whale museum. My mom (who came to see us from the city) and I took the stewards on an adventure into the food market where we got tons of tasty provisions for the remainder of the trip. Believe me when I say that we have learned how to cook Yucca and Plantains a hundred different ways.even those who were doubtful about their love of plantains have turned in to big fans of the sweet fried plantain movement. All in all I keep trying to find the words to explain how incredibly wonderful the last four days were but I honestly cannot find them.  So, I'm just going to say thank you. Thank you to SEA for giving me the chance to work in this incredible program, thank you to my family for being incredible and feeding us more food than we could ever eat and for opening our home to the crew, thank you Samana Bay for giving us four days of brilliant weather and thank you DR for being the amazing and welcoming nation that you are.

Thank you!
Maria Jose (MJ) Fernandez, Teaching Assistant/Deckhand

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#1. Posted by Michelle Gaydeski on March 02, 2019

What a heartwarming memoir, Maria Jose!  Thank you for sharing your country and culture with all aboard the Corwith Cramer!



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