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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 23, 2018

Sleepy But Satisfied

Karina Wells, A Watch, University of California -Santa Cruz


Rise and shine!

Ship's Log

Current Position
024.14.9°N, 074.56.4°W

Course & Speed
180° 4.9 knots

Sail Plan
Forestays’l, Mainstays’l, Mains’l

Clear with scattered clouds

Souls on board

I just got off dawn watch, so bear with me.  Dawn watch is from 0100-0700. I was a helper in lab this morning, classifying the different species of Sargassum and identifying 100 animals in the sample of water that we collected at midnight.  And guess what? We found a Frogfish (a fish found only associated with floating Sargassum, and nowhere else)!! And an endemic Sargassum crab!  Wow.  So cool.  We also got to do a maneuver up on deck called a "Jibe."  This means we turned the boat around and changed course. This included hauling sails to be in the correct position to catch the wind. We did this in class yesterday, so it was nice to have that knowledge still fresh in my mind.  Even if it was 2 am J.  I also got to start on a DNA extraction for a Sargassum shrimp, which was really exciting.

All our meals are super delicious, and I don't think I've ever eaten so healthy in my life.  I'm really enjoying this experience, and can't wait to see what else we will find!

Update: It is now 1710 (that's 5:10 for you land folk), and I have eaten and feel so much more awake.  We had class today to learn about Celestial Navigation.  I am super stoked to try that on evening watch, if the skies stay clear enough. We are sampling a lot more Sargassum and all the little critters that come with it. Being able to watch the blue sky and the waves go by is a wonderful feeling, and is really helping to establish my sense of place for the Sargasso Sea.  It has become more real to me, and I can't wait to see all the beauty that it has to offer, and all the knowledge it has to teach me.

- Karina

P.S.  Mom, this picture is for you.  And dad, love ya lots.  Say hi to my dearest sisters, whom I love, and my little Lilabee <3.

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#1. Posted by Laura Wells on April 29, 2018

I had such fun reading your post! I learned some new stuff, too.  Did you know the the Sargasso sea has no shoreline? It is bordered by other seas. I didn’t even know that was possible.  I’m trying to read everyone’s posts, so I know what you’re up to on the days you don’t post. It sounds like you are doing really interesting stuff - extracting DNA, separating different species of animals and plant life, learning all about how to handle the ship. I hope it’s all that you expected the trip to be.  Your instructors sound great, and your shipmates/research partners sound super nice. All the posts sound like everyone is excited about what they’ve learned, excited to learn more,and the pictures are so neat.
I especially love that you took a sunrise picture just for me.  It’s beautiful, and reminds me of the pictures you used to send from Santa Cruz smile
I hope you’re as happy as you look in the pictures, honey. I’m sure it’s hard work, but that just makes me more proud of you.  Please thank your instructors for me and let your group know I hope they are all enjoying themselves too.
I am so excited about what you’re doing. I can’t wait until you get back to the mainland, so I can give your link to the rest of the family!
OK - novel is finished.  I love you, honey.

Love Mom <3

#2. Posted by LIZ GILL on May 07, 2018

Beautiful photo Karina! Thanks for sharing. Say hi to Geoffrey!



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