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July 02, 2019

Sippewissett Salt Marsh

Jillian Paquette & Rose von Eckartsberg, Moses Brown School & Yorktown High School

SEA Semester

C Watch: Emily, Kiernan, Jill, Tabitha, Karina, Tate; Sample Bucket with hermit crabs and slipper shells.

Today was the first full day of SEASCape. We had our first Oceanography and Oceans and Society classes. In Oceanography, we talked about the different types of oceanography (biological, chemical, geological, physical, and human impact), the timeline of the scientific study of oceanography, and oceanographic gear. In Oceans and Society we are making “port stops” to different places in the world, roughly based on the Gulf Stream current. Today we talked about our “home port” at SEA along with how different perspectives and identities make up the idea of history. For the last part, we learned a little bit about navigation and how to determine longitude and latitude using dividers and triangles.

Sippewissett Salt Marsh
After wrapping up our morning classes we headed to Sippewissett Salt Marsh where we collected data and animals. We found tons of hermit crabs and tiny fish. D watch named their hermit crabs Danny Devito, Derick, and Debby. Each watch had 2 buckets with things they collected from the marsh. We measured the temperature, pH, salinity, sediment, current, and depth. Some parts of the marsh were so deep water came into our boots. We had to wear giant bulky life jackets that made it hard to move around, but safety first! After having a fun time collecting data we joined back into a big group and shared our findings.

Leadership Teamwork Community Course
For our last class of the day, we did a Leadership, Teamwork, and Community course where we talked about what qualities a leader and teammate should have respectively and collectively. We also did two activities involving varying levels of communication; the first one was putting ourselves in order based on birthday without speaking, and the second was arranging a cup, plate, knife, and two pepper packets with limited communication.

Overall, our first day at SEASCape was eventful and fun!

- Jillian Paquette, Moses Brown School
- Rose von Eckartsberg, Yorktown High School

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