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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 29, 2019

Ship Thanksgiving!

Sabrina Sorace, Eckerd College


Above: Captain Greg cutting our Thanksgiving turkey; Below: A Watch handling sails; the First Annual Thanksgiving Parade.

Ship's Log

13˚ 14’ N, 62˚ 41’W (approximately 70 nm west of St. Vincent)

6.8 knots

Sail Plan
4 lowers with a single reef on the main and motoring

34.5 C, clear skies, and force 2 winds from the east

1-2ft. seas

E x S

Souls on board

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My name is Sabrina Sorace, I’m currently a junior at Eckerd College studying marine science. The Cramer has been underway for four days so far and, to be honest, it was rough for the first three days. My whole watch, A Watch, was under the weather due to sea sickness, but today was the first watch that we were all back to our normal selves. I got to start the day by watching sunrise before morning watch at 0700. During watch, we practiced sail handling and helped the science team deploy the carousel, neuston net, and the plankton net to collect some samples.

The stewards prepared us an amazing Thanksgiving lunch with all the essential dishes. There was bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, candy yams, and, most importantly, turkey. Captain Greg gave an inspiring speech and we cheered to the new friendships and community we have started to build.

This year, the Cramer had its First Annual Thanksgiving Parade. All three watches and the science crew came up with different performances for the other shipmates. C Watch put on an array of costumes, from sea creatures to a banana, and danced around the ship. The science team used the neuston net as a float and danced around pretending to catch some of the students in the net. A Watch put on a Thanksgiving puppet show about how a kraken stole the turkey. Then A Watch went and stole the turkey back, befriended the kraken, and invited him to Thanksgiving. Finally B watch sang us a song about wonderful hand turkeys they drew and paraded them around the boat.

Thanksgiving is a day meant to remind us what we are thankful for and spending time with people you care about. Even though I am not home with my family and friends, I got to spend the day with my shipmates and create long lasting friendships. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn about the ocean and how to navigate it.

I ended my day on dawn watch from 0100 to 0700. It is a privilege to not only see the sunrise, but also the sunset and the amazing starry skies. I hope the rest of the cruise is as beautiful as these past couple days have been and I can’t wait for the coming port stops.

P.S. For all of my friends and family reading this, I miss you a ton and I can’t wait to see you all soon just in time for Christmas! For my boyfriend and friends at Eckerd, I wish you all luck on your finals and I can’t wait to exchange stories in January.

- Sabrina Sorace, Eckerd College

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