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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 27, 2017

See ya later Grenada

Zoya Buckmire, St. George's University

Caribbean Reef Expedition

Aloft Training

Ship's Log

Noon Position
Just about to leave the dock

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Light easterly trade winds

Souls on Board

So there I was. 200m from shore attempting to tread where I definitely could not stand. Our group of 21 was off Grand Anse Beach conducting our first real reef survey, and needless to say, I was a little out of my depth (pun intended). I didn't have much deep-water snorkeling experience and I certainly wasn't prepared for what we were doing that day.

By the end of the afternoon however, my team of 5 had successfully completed a fish survey and 6 quadrats along a 30 m transect. Ten days and a couple more surveys later, we're already more comfortable in the water, and excited to snorkel and explore other reefs on other islands. It hasn't been easy, but there was definitely a learning curve!

Yesterday, we boarded the Cramer, most of us stepping on the ship for the first time. Unlike everyone else, who left their homes weeks or even months ago, I've been "at home" during our second shore component in Grenada; so, for me, our departure is extra special (and extra scary). I know, though, that life on the ship is all about adapting to our environment, so even though I am leaving the comfort and familiarity of home soon, I look forward to getting into the routine of ship life.

On to this next adventure and see you later Grenada!

- Zoya

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#1. Posted by Sherry-ann on November 28, 2017

Hey baby… I hope and pray you are adjusting to life on the sea.. I am thinking of you Zoya.



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