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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 09, 2015

SEA Semester Alumni Sail

Victoria Smith, Alumni Relations Coordinator

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

SSV Corwith Cramer, alongside in Old San Juan

We eagerly await the beginning of our alumni sail where twelve alumni re-live fond (we hope!) memories and share the experience of ship-board life with their guests. True to SEA and SEA Semester, they will become part of the crew and stand watch, sail handle, navigate, steer, perform boat checks and help in the lab and galley. Most importantly, alumni have the opportunity to share the program that had a lasting impact and influence on them with a loved one.

Like all events, our aim is to strengthen our community and create opportunities for alumni to connect. Though alumni may be separated by different ships, decades and cruise tracks, everyone has the shared experience of standing watch, scrubbing the galley sole, climbing aloft, and over-coming personal challenges and growing as a person. It is important that we create ways of connecting alumni to each other while reconnecting them with life aboard the Cramer and Seamans. Plus, alumni sails are fun!

We intend to sail from Old San Juan to the island of Culebra, where we aim to spend the better part of a day exploring, swimming, or lounging (Flamenco Beach!), before returning to Old San Juan. If you missed this year's alumni sail, it is a goal to hold at least one per year, schedule permitting. Invitations to events, sails and open ships are sent by email, posted on the Alumni Facebook page, SEA LinkedIn Alumni Group, and Alumni section of the SEA website. We would love to welcome you and a loved-one aboard!

When we return, we'll post a selection of photos from this sail on the Alumni Facebook page.

- Victoria

Ship's Company
Captain: Doug Nemeth
Chief Mate: Allison Taylor (S-186)
2nd Mate:  Cassie Sleeper (S-176E)
3rd Mate: Tanner Tillotson
Engineer: Ted Fleming (W-168)
Steward: Becky Slattery (S-242)
Asst. Steward: Marissa Shaw (S-245)
1st Asst. Scientist: Matt Hirsch
2nd Asst. Scientist: Nick Dragone
3rd Asst. Scientist: Gar Secrist
Sailing Intern: Katie Hays (S-250)
Sailing Intern: Matthew Harrison

Alumni & Guests
Mariette Buchman (W-54)
Sage Altenhofen

Luke Healy (S-180)
Brenna Healy

Margaux Howard (C-214)
Justin McCall

Achim Kretschmer (W-129)
Nick Kretschmer

Steve Lemos (W-56)
Hannah Lemos

Anita Meissner (W-33)
Ray Junkins

Jonny Rosenfield (W-65)

Pete Schultheiss (W-36)
Megan Schultheiss 

Aprille Sherman (W-15)

Fred Stewart (C-109)
Ian Stewart

Deena Tvinnereim (S-209)
Rhonda Britten

Michelle Wouden (C-157)
Marinus Wouden

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