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July 21, 2020

SEA Quest Session I Nautical Science

Liz Maloney, SEA Quest Faculty

SEA Semester

Students in Nautical Science and Leadership spent the first class getting oriented to their own surroundings. Each figured out their Latitude and Longitude, as well as where North is relative to their home. Everyone built a physical compass rose somewhere outside to use as a reference for the next couple of weeks. They also started conducting daily weather and astronomical observations that will come in handy for activities later in the session.

During subsequent classes we started to think about what it means to be a good leader and teammate, and experiences that we've all had with good (and not-so-good) leaders. Each student has chosen a public figure that they respect and during final presentations will tell us more about what they think makes that person a good leader. We've also taken a close look at a nautical chart to think about the info included on it, and how it's used. Each student will be creating a chart or map of their own: of their neighborhood, or backyard, or bedroom, whatever scale they'd like.

Today we're going to start to think more deeply about weather. What is it and what causes it? We'll use the daily observations that students have been collecting to ground truth predictions, and hopefully use our newfound knowledge to make some predictions of our own!

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