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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 03, 2020

SEA Presentations at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020

SEA Semester

Sea Education Association faculty members and alumni are presenting at a number of sessions at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, which convenes in San Diego from Feb. 16 to 21. SEA will also have a presence at booth #119.

Monday, Feb. 17
0930 – 0945

Molecular Diversity Among Holopelagic Sargassum Morphotypes in the North Atlantic (Session ME11A-07, SDCC - 7A, UL) Skye Dibner, Eckerd College; Deborah Goodwin,  Jeffrey Schell, Kerry Whittaker, Sea Education Association; and Amy NS Siuda, Eckerd College.

25-Year Record of In Situ Pelagic Sargassum Observations in the Western North Atlantic and Caribbean Reveals a Shift in Distribution and Range Expansion of Three Common Morphotypes (Session ME11A) with Deb Goodwin, Jeff Schell, and Amy Siuda.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

Model education-research partnership program encourages students to bridge gaps among ocean science, policy, and conservation for remote ocean regions (Session ED31B-06; SDCC - Poster Hall C-D; eLightning Theater)  Kerry Whittaker, Sea Education Association; Porter Hoagland, WHOI; Annette Govindarajan, WHOI; Kristina Gjerde, International Union for Conservation of Nature; Harriet Harden-Davies, University of Wollongong; Amy NS Siuda, Eckerd College, and Paul Joyce, Sea Education Association.

Thursday, Feb. 20

How to Build a More Diverse Workforce in the Geosciences (ED44A-3710, SDCC, Poster Hall C-D) Paul Joyce, Sea Education Association; Paulinus Chigbu,University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Ambrose Jearld, National Technical Association; Hauke Kite-Powell, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; George Liles, NOAA-Northeast Fisheries Science Center; Kevin Chu, SEA Education Association

Mobile fauna communities associated with the three common holopelagic Sargassum morphotypes in the western North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico (PI44B-2563, SDCC - Poster Hall C-D) Lindsay Martin,  Madalyn Taylor, Deb Goodwin, Grayson Huston, Jeff Schell, Sea Education Association; Amy Siuda, Eckerd College.

Friday, Feb. 21

Type-Specific Source Regions for Pelagic Sargassum Indicated by Mitochondrial Genotype of the Epiphytic Hydroid Aglaophenia latecarinata (Session P152-07, SDCC - 7B, UL)  Amy NS Siuda, Eckerd College;  Annette Govindarajan, WHOI; Laura Cooney, Kerry Whittaker Dana Bloch, Rachel M Burdorf, Shalagh Canning, Caroline Carter, Shannon Cellan, Fredrik AA Eriksson, Hannah Freyer, Grayson Huston, Sabrina Hutchinson, Kathleen McKeegan, Megha Malpani, Robin Petersen-Rockney and Maggie Schultz, Sea Education Association

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