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October 06, 2020

SEA Alumna Dr. Skylar Bayer joins faculty at Roger Williams, authors book

SEA Semester

Dr. Skylar Bayer, S-209

Dr. Skylar Bayer, SEA Semester S-209, starts work this fall as a tenure track assistant professor of biology and aquaculture at Roger Williams University.  She says she’s very excited to do marine research, work with undergraduates, and do extension work in the community.

Skylar has a background in scientific storytelling as a producer for The Story Collider. Over the past year, she’s worked with collaborator Gabi Serrato Marks, an experienced science writer, on an article for Scientific American about how disabilities and medical conditions made them better scientists. Now they’re working together on a book titled “Uncharted,” a collection of stories from scientists with medical conditions and disabilities, to be published by Columbia University Press. It’s a topic they’re interested in as they both have medical conditions and disabilities that have affected their ability to do field science. 

“Uncharted” consists of personal stories from other scientists with medical conditions and disabilities.  Writes Skylar: “These stories not only share health challenges, but the joys, sorrows, humor and wonder from people who love science -- no matter how many barriers they have to face. The term ‘Uncharted’ is in reference to both uncharted journeys into the unknown (at sea or in the field somewhere) and to medical charts. The chapters are organized as parts of a nautical journey on a ship, partly inspired by my time at SEA.”

The timing of Skylar and Gabi’s book couldn’t be better, as it coincides with the 30th anniversary of the American Disabilities Act.  Congratulations on your recent successes Skylar!

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#1. Posted by VST Tractors on October 16, 2020

Hello there,
Am really impressed by this article,
Looking forward for more such article in the near future.



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