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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 07, 2017

Science Presentations

Lisa Gilbert, Chief Scientist, Williams-Mystic

SEA Semester

Above: Chris (USF), Henry (Middlebury), and Clay (SUNY Maritime) watch the sunset as Paul (UPS) steers and Third Mate Lydia looks on. Below: Rachel (UVM) and Chris (USF) present their poster on chlorophyll-a at the Super Stations.

Ship's Log

18° 17’N x 064° 37’W

Good morning from the SSV Corwith Cramer.  We are heading toward Norman Island, BVI, with Junior Watch Officer Clay (SUNY Maritime) and A watch on deck.  Moments ago, we struck the topsail, after a morning downwind sail. Through the night, the watches worked with one of their own as Junior Watch Officer to set us up for an easy approach to Normal Island and they did an excellent job!

Yesterday we held our science poster session on deck.  Williams-Mystic S17 students presented data from our three Super Stations: Puerto Rico Trench, Puerto Rico Slope, and Barracouta Bank.  They also shared what we learned from the surface samples we collected throughout the cruise track.  We had a lively exchange, and only briefly had to duck into the main salon when rain looked like it might soak us (but didn't).  These projects are a preview to the semester-long projects they'll design and complete in Mystic.

Our offshore voyage is very quickly coming to an end.  After we clean the ship this afternoon, we'll have a Swizzle.  Students and staff have been busy signing up to entertain the whole ship's company with their talents. We plan to sail through the night and then come ashore in St. Croix.  We are only at the beginning of our semester, with many more adventures to come, but tomorrow I know we will be sad to say goodbye to our shipmates aboard Cramer before we make our way back to the Williams-Mystic campus in Mystic, CT.

With gratitude,

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