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August 01, 2015

Salty Saturday

Julie Goldberg and Sacha Orlowski, Wachusett Regional High School and Dobbs Ferry High School

SEA Semester

The top picture is of the Geology group presenting to the group, featuring a smiling Libby, an excited Joao, a happy Annie, and a focused Kevin ... the bottom picture features the amazing group of Natalie, Erin, Kerry, Sophie, and Avery who did an outstanding presentation on the overall information of salt marshes.

We started off the day bright and early with a yummy breakfast of oatmeal and cereal, with chocolate chips and raisins on the side. Then we headed to an early morning class with Carl, discussing the history of science. We went in depth into the interesting transformation of science throughout the years, starting with the Enlightenment period, throughout the European exploration of the Americas, up to present day. After a small nutritional snack in between classes, we sat back down and listened intently to Maia talk about Classifying Ocean Life.

Afterwards, we did a brief lab looking into microscopes at zooplankton and phytoplankton in order to gain a better understanding of what they look like and what they are. The lecture and lab was followed by an amazing lunch cooked by Shoshana of pesto sandwiches, chips, and a salad.

Following lunch, we had a small break period where some people took naps, others worked on homework or tidying up their salt marsh presentations, or just hung out in the houses listening to music and talking. Then we headed up to Madden for our salt marsh presentations, which were all outstanding and extremely informational! Groups presented on: the overall salt marsh makeup, animal biology, plant biology, water quality, geology, and physical attributes. Everyone was attentive and listened with interest, even for the last presentation! Afterwards, we were given free time and everyone spread out to enjoy the day! Some people went and played outside, others painted their murals, and some watched movies with friends or slept! It was a very hot day but everyone dealt with the heat with ease.

We met back up for pizza and food in Madden for dinner. We were all very excited to spend the night watching movies (Atlantis and Labyrinth) and spending time together on our last Saturday here, so a big thanks to Colleen and Maia for hosting it, and letting the RAs have a nice night off!

We ended the night prepping for our bake-off tomorrow and hanging with all of our friends ad house-mates. It was a great last Saturday!

- Julie and Sacha

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