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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 14, 2018

Sailing with dolphins

Alex K and Louis, A Watch


Sailing with dolphins

Ship's Log

Noon Position
40 26.337’N 68 45.506’W

Ship Heading
175 degrees

Ship Speed
3.8 knots

170.1 nautical miles

Weather/Wind/Sail Plan
NxE winds Force 2 flying the Top sail, Raffee

Ships company

Hello all,

The crew woke up to a delicious breakfast of hash browns, cereal, eggs, and strawberries. Soon after, most of the students began to take their watches, do chores, or take a nice nap.

This morning, our C, B and A watch teams braved the cold air and wind as we sailed (and motored) along. As the A watch took over the ship at 7:00 a.m., many marine mammals decided to join in on our fun. Today we've seen Basking sharks, Humpback whales, Mola molas (Sunfish), Dolphins, and many, many birds. Our science team also managed to take surface samples, use a Secchi disk, handle a CTD, cast out a phytoplankton and Neuston net, and listen to the ocean with a Hydrophone.

We are currently underway by sailing with the topsail, the Forestays'l , the jib, and the Mainstays'l. The decks are a little cold and wet from 77 meter deep ocean waters, which were brought up by the CTD. The science crew then moved on to extracting plankton from the phytoplankton nets, while the deck team focused on setting the sails and navigation. Even though we all started the morning cold and bundled up, the day is getting warmer and better  for sailing.

Today during class, led by Heartbreak, we learned how a sailing ship moves. All of the class helped set the top sail and the raffee (the party hat sail).

Shout outs,

Louis: Shout out to Emmanuelle Mateo and Bradley!! I hope that you are all having  a great trip. I am having a great time on the boat and would like to let you know that I have both my passport and my driving permit to get back home, because i know that there was some worry that I left my wallet in the car. I miss you all so much and hope you are having an equally great time as me!!

Alex K: Shout out to my mom, dad, and to my sister Jess! I hope you guys are having a great summer and I hope that everything is going alright at work (for both of you). Jess, I know you want to come home soon, but just hang in there. I know you're doing great, and I'm always proud of you, no matter what. I miss you guys very much, but I'm having a great time!

Sailing Off,

Alex K and Louis - A Watch

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#1. Posted by Jean Faris on July 16, 2018

So good to hear from the A watch crew!  Glad you’re seeing lots of marine life too!  I know Katie was looking forward to seeing all different types of fish.  We’re tracking you and in awe of how far you’ve travelled.  Be safe and can’t wait to hear the next chapter from the Cramer.  Tell Katie her mom and dad say hello smile
Jean Faris

#2. Posted by Karen Kiehnau on July 16, 2018

It was great to finally hear from you!  Alex, I’m glad that you’re seeing the marine life.  I know that you were looking forward to the whales and how excited were you to see a basking shark?  Sounds like your trip is a lot of work and fun so far.  It’s quiet in the house without you and Jess but we’re surviving!  Hope to hear from you soon and stay safe!

Love you!

#3. Posted by Jess Kiehnau on July 16, 2018

Hey Alex!! (K. Sorry all other Alex’s!)
Great post! It sounds like you guys have been having a super great time so far. I’m so jealous of all the new and exciting things you all get to see. I can imagine you’ll be watching shark week and telling Mom you saw that shark and that fish. Thanks for the shoutout btw, it was the highlight of my day. Only one more week and I’ll be home free!
But most importantly I hope you’re having a wonderful time and are learning tons!! 我们爱你!

#4. Posted by Rob & Julie Kiehnau on July 16, 2018

Hi Alex K!!
Grandma shared the link to check out your amazing adventure.  Wow, what a summer you are having! Take care and enjoy every second.  Much Love! Rob & Julie

#5. Posted by Ellen Kiehnau on July 16, 2018

Ahoy Alex K.
Sounds like you are having a great time.
Quite a summer learning adventure.
Miss not getting a chance to see you and the whole family
last Nov.  Maybe this year.
Love you! Grandma

#6. Posted by Emmanuelle Vital on July 16, 2018

It is nice to hear your and Alex’s post, and know that all is well.
We’re happy that you are seeing plenty of “wild” life out there, and it sounds like decent sailing conditions. 
You’re missing nothing here in Steamboatia, so enjoy your time aboard the Cramer.
One question… fine is a “phytoplankton net”, and how do you pick it?
Gors bisous from all of us here!
Maman, Mateo, et Papalou

#7. Posted by Nancy Bartels on July 18, 2018

Hi Louis - It sounds like the trip of a lifetime - even better than the Adventuress!  And no grandparents!!  Missing you and looking forward to your return home.  So much love, Nana



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