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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 26, 2019

Sailing upon the Caribbean Sea with the Mighty Class C-289

Greg Wisener, Captain


Above: Dan Karparis enjoying the sunset and view of St. Croix while on lookout; Below: Preparing to depart St. Croix Caption; Dolphin!

Ship's Log

16˚ 46’N, 64˚ 56’W (approximately fifty nautical miles south of the of St. Croix, USVI)

5 knots

Sail Plan
4 lowers with a single reef on the main

27.8˚ C, mostly clear skies, force 4 winds from the east

3 ft. seas

Souls on board

Ahoy Dear Reader! We find ourselves in fine weather a day’s sail south of the Virgin Islands and already immersed in a glorious world of oceanic wonders! On Monday, we sailed along the north coast of St. Croix under topsail and staysails as the sun sank below the horizon. Next we experienced changes in the wind as we rounded the leeward side of the island. Our first night included a Neuston Tow, which gave us a rich sample of the diversity of life living on the surface of the sea. Then, as dawn broke, we were once again embraced by the warm, steady, easterly trade winds of the Caribbean. A pod of dolphins greeted us mid-morning and flying fish heralded our progress. We were treated to a fantastic Italian meal for lunch by Francesca who prepared it alongside our professional stewards Cody and Natalie. The afternoon included welcomed relief to the tropical heat from a downpour of rain that concluded with a proper rainbow. We continue to sail south making what progress we can to the east.

The class of C-289 is performing very well. All hands are giving their best to the team and the enthusiasm for learning is exciting to see. We do have a few that are struggling with motion sickness, but they have already made rapid progress and show signs that they are gaining their sea legs! I’m proud to be a part of this community of dedicated students and professional mariners. All hands have been inclusive, encouraging, and respectful while pushing one another to bring their best to the team. I look forward to experiencing the next few days as we all settle into ship’s routine and learn to live our lives in concert with the daily rhythms of our amazing blue planet! The sea is ready to teach us; she waits patiently for us to be ready to learn. Each day that we leave behind the “real life” of binging, buzzing smart phones immerses us further in the true depth, beauty, and majesty of the natural world we live in. We wish you fair winds and seas dear reader!

- Captain Greg Wisener, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Class of 1991

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