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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

June 30, 2014

S254, Protecting the Phoenix Islands

The proposed cruise track for S-254, Protecting the Phoenix Islands

The students of S-254, Protecting the Phoenix Islands, will join the SSV Robert C. Seamans in Honolulu, HI by Tuesday, July 1st. They will end their voyage around August 11th in American Samoa, after an extended stay during their cruise in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.

Ship’s Company
Captain: Pamela Coughlin
Chief Mate: Mackenzie Haberman
2nd Mate: Rachel Greenough
3rd Mate: Ashley Meyer
Engineer: Jimmy O’Hare
Asst Engineer: Willie Scheurich
Steward: Nina Murray
Chief Scientist: Jan Witting
Asst. Scientist: Chrissy Dykeman
Asst. Scientist: Mary Engels
Asst. Scientist: Matt Hirsch
Sailing Intern: Katherine Hays
Sailing Intern: Laura Page
Sailing Intern: Shenandoah Raycroft
Sailing Intern: Marissa Shaw

Visiting Scientists & Guest Faculty
Tekeua Auatabu
Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu
Tane Sinclair-Taylor
Iannang Teaioro
Camrin Braun

Luke Faust, Williams College
Clare Feely, Cornell University
Andrew Futerman, Oregon State University
Molly Groskreutz, Wesleyan University
Michael Heard-Snow, Northeastern University
David Livingstone, University of Chicago
Erik Marks, Hamilton College,
Jessica McGlinchey, St. Lawrence University
Brendan Pratt, University of Washington
Brittany Redd, San Francisco State University
Alexander Ruditsky, Northeastern University
Sneha Vissa, Denison University
Peter Willauer, Colby College

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