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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 04, 2014

S251 Weblog 04 March 2014

Matt Gauthier, C Watch, Davidson College

Part of the daily operations on a pearl farm

Ship's Log

Current Position
Anchored in Mangareva
Sail Plan
Anchored until March 6th
Rainy and cloudy, temperatures in the mid 70s

This morning we woke up with the expectation of taking a boat tour of the lagoon of Mangareva. The plan was to visit the various islands and motus, have lunch on the beach, and perhaps do a little snorkeling. When the time came to go, we learned that our boat driver had canceled on us. The squalls passing by caused him to cancel because of weather, a disappointing decision. Making the best of the situation, professors Jan and Moohono went ashore to try to salvage some of the day. Working quickly, they managed to arrange a bus tour and pearl farm visit for us. Since only half of us could fit into the van at a time, we split into groups based on our anchor watches and went off for the day. Port watch went first while most of starboard watch stayed on board for the morning. We slept, worked on papers, read, and relaxed for the rainy morning. We then had a 12:45 boat run ashore for our afternoon tour.

After meeting the van, we drove to the home of the driver, who also happened to own the pearl farm we were visiting. It was cool again to see the process of pearl fishing from start to finish. We waited out a few squalls at the farm before returning to the van. We spent the afternoon driving around the islands and visiting various sites, including where the fall-out shelters were located when the French were doing nuclear testing in the Pacific. Dodging the rain all afternoon, those of us who are not on watch tonight began exploring Rikitea, the main town on Mangareva. It turns out there’s not much open on a rainy Tuesday in Rikitea. After striking out on pretty much all the cafes and snack shops, a few of us managed to convince a nice lady to open up for us. We had some delicious steak frites and ice cream sandwiches before returning to the Seamans to watch Finding Nemo, work on papers, and go to bed.

Greetings and warm thoughts to all my family and friends at home.

- Matt


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