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January 21, 2020

S-290’s at Sea Bucket List

Devin Goldsmith, Muhlenberg College

Above: Several S-290 students board the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, crossing that off of the on-shore bucket list!; Below: Matthew Watowich testing his foul weather gear before attempting to take his bucket list photo.

Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun, and SEA Semester’s on-shore component has proven this to me and my fellow class and shipmates. With a mere 17 days left in Woods Hole, Class S-290 has begun to curate plans for our trip around New Zealand. During our pizza lunch with the President of SEA, Peg Brandon, we discussed our hopes for the upcoming voyage. I’ve compiled a list of things each member of our class wants to accomplish, witness, or avoid. You could call this Class S-290’s bucket list.

Allison Klei: I want to learn to play the saxophone and the harmonica.

Amelia Austin: I want to see a baby whale and dolphins, all the things!

Amy Phung: Swim!

Anna Roethler: I want to see a whale. And I want to never throw up on the boat, only over the boat.

Annabel Weyhrich: I don’t think we can do this, but I want to go skydiving. If they give us an hour, I will. Or fishing.

Ashby Gentry: I want to start a band, on the boat.

Ava-Rose Beech: I’m excited to navigate.

Devin (me!): I’d like to get a tattoo…not sure of what yet.

Ella Simon: I want to relax on the bowsprit, climb the foremast, and I’m excited to navigate the boat.

Etasha Golden: I’m definitely excited to see the stars, and maybe different animals like penguins, sharks, whales, and the physically different geography of the Pacific Ocean.

Gillian Murphey: I’m excited to climb up on the mast-I like climbing things.

Grace Leuchtenberger: I want to see a whale!

Jackie O’Malley: I want to see an albatross!

Julian Murray-Brown: Watch the sunrise from the bowsprit.

Juliette Bateman: I want to knit a ton of socks, and I’d love to see a whale or a shark.

Justin Sankey: My friend said that when she was on this trip in the fall, hammerheads would swim around them, so I’m kinda excited for that. They also said they got circled by a great white….

Kaitlin Kornachuk: I’m looking forward to the whole experience-I’m just really excited.

Kendall Hanks: I wanna see a whale and sharks, and I’m excited to see the sunsets on the boat!

Leif Saveraid: I want to go onto the bowsprit and see an albatross.

Lilli Dwyer: I am very excited to see a whale (maybe), to knit a hat, and to climb the mast.

Lily Danna: I want to go up onto the masthead/stand aloft!

Lindsay Agvent: I want to go to the black sand beaches (if we can) and see the stars! I want to see how many species of animals we can find.

Marija Miklavčič: I’m most excited to see the night stars, an albatross, and to sail a ship!

Matthew Watowich: I wanna climb the mast or relax on the bowsprit! I also want pictures in the foul weather gear suspenders.

Tom Rubino: I want to do laundry at a port stop and see if the coriolis effect makes the toilet water go the other way.

As you have probably noticed, our class of newly-minted seafarers is extremely enthusiastic about leaving our side of the world. We welcome the challenges that are coming our way, and cannot wait to conquer all obstacles in store: together.

- Devin Goldsmith, Muhlenberg

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#1. Posted by Grandma Phyliss on January 28, 2020

Best wishes to Devin and all of her seamates for an exciting, fun and safe trip! I hope all of your wishes come true (except maybe the tatoo!)
G’ma Phyliss

#2. Posted by Scott Goldsmith on January 28, 2020

You all must be so excited! I will be living through you vicariously since they denied my request to be a parent chaperone…



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