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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 22, 2017

Pre-Key West Poster Presentations

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

James (wearing the JWO lei) and Molly presenting their work to Finn, Lydia, Abby, Sophie, Michaela and Elizabeth.

Ship's Log

23° 55’ N x 81° 04’ W

Southeast of Key West, FL

Sail Plan
Sailing a course of 290° PSC under the Four Lowers at 3 knots.

Winds NExE, Force 3

Souls on Board

As I write this, the students of C-271 are breaking down the posters they created to reflect on-site observations they made and the conversations they had with people regarding their individual projects in our four port stops. The “ground truthing” of the research they did ashore, while not necessarily contradicting what they learned from published sources available to them in Woods Hole, has certainly given each of them more to think about in terms of issues ranging from cultural preservation and marine resource management to diversification of island economies and human impacts on humpback whales.

The posters reflected the proactive work of the students, always ready with questions and open to challenges to their working hypotheses. For instance, while Dominica offered views of lush greenery and an active yachting culture, it also gave students a chance to learn more about the continuing efforts of the indigenous population in the Kalinago Territory to build opportunity for members of their community.  Our visit to Samaná in the Dominican Republic allowed students to develop a more nuanced understanding of a tourism geared toward a smaller population of vacationers eager to experience the wonders of the terrestrial and marine environments.

The southeastern portion of Jamaica was definitely a quieter introduction to that island than what Port Antonio offers, and the trip to the Maroon community helped contextualize both the proud history of resistance to slavery and colonization in Jamaica, but also a broader Caribbean effort to promote and protect unique aspects of island culture. Finally, on a tour, and then in independent exploration in the streets of Santiago de Cuba, students interacted with residents anxiously watching for change on the horizon as their nation opens itself up to the wider world with all of its opportunities and challenges.

As the academic work comes to a close for C-271, it is worth pausing and acknowledging all that the crew of the Corwith Cramer has accomplished together. It has been my great pleasure and an honor to accompany this group on their voyage through the Caribbean and to Key West.

Fair winds!

P.S. From Lydia: Mom, please wish Vanessa a very happy golden birthday from me! Love to you both, and mail coming soon!

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