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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 28, 2015


Farley Miller, Assistant Scientist

Historic Seaports of Western Europe

Just squeezing under the Ponte 25 de Abril.

Ship's Log

Alongside Doca de Alcantara, Lisboa, Portugal

Beautiful clear and hot

Souls on Board

We are just settling down after weighing anchor at 0400 this morning for an early arrival in Lisboa, Portugal. All hands woke up early to witness cruising up Rio Tejo (River Tagus) towards Lisboa. Passing the Padrao dos Descombrimentos and the Torre de Belem (look them up, it was quite a sight). C-watch and a few helping hands had a busy time getting into the anchorage last night before entering the river, with gusts surging to the 47 kts! Before the wind really kicked up, the Cramer was on a peasant broad reach, comfortable cruising towards the mainland at 10.4 kts.

The harbor here is up the River Tagus, and the ship is inside a protected marina tied to a floating dock, a welcome change from the huge tidal range and seawall docking at Douarnenez, Brittany. So far only a few have stepped off onto the dock, but none have ventured out to the city proper. However, as we find ourselves in port an entire day early, we will have ample time to explore and adventure, both with Dan during organized tours and visits, and with plenty of free time in the afternoons & evenings.

A local historian greeted us, and invited us to tour the replica Portuguese Caravel which is in the same marina. Also near this marina is a massive container port, an interesting up close perspective of the commercial side of mariner culture. The large cranes run 24 hours a day loading a container ship that is wider than the Cramer is long.

The quarterdeck and main saloon are abuzz with plans for excursions being made, and I find myself eager to join in, so I will leave it to other to elaborate on what happens in the days to come.

- Farley

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