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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 19, 2017

Port Stop in Dominica

Molly Pollak, B Watch, Barnard College

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

Learning how to take in the Jib Top in front of Saba Island. The next time I took in the Jib Top, I lost my watch (it was worth it).

Ship's Log

Current Position
Anchored in Prince Rupert’s Bay off of Portsmouth, Dominica

Ship’s Heading & Speed
At Anchor

Sail Plan
All sails stowed

Warm and sunny with occasional showers (+rainbow ?)

Souls on Board

This morning at 0800 SSV Corwith Cramer anchored off of Portsmouth, Dominica! It was an exciting moment for our class as we successfully completed the first leg of our trip and were able to step on land for the first time in six days (a few of us noted that this was by far the longest amount of time we had ever spent not on land).

Yesterday, before we arrived in Dominica, I was on the Afternoon Watch (1300-1900), and right after our class (which happens on the quarterdeck every day from 1430 to about 1530) we saw a squall crossing our path coming from the port side. Though we weren't expecting to get hit by the rain, the influx of cold air dropping from the distant storm clouds made it impossible to keep on course, as the winds kept shifting. In an effort to make the most of the new wind patterns, we gybed the ship (turned the back of the boat through the oncoming wind in order to change direction) to head east towards Guadeloupe, and our watch had to put our slowly learned skills about line handing and location to quick use in order to complete the maneuver. Though we did successfully gybe the wind didn't take, and we ended up motor sailing most of the rest of the way to our port stop. It was a new moment for all of us on B Watch as we handled unexpected and new weather patterns.

B Watch was next on deck for Dawn Watch, from 0300 to 0700, which means we saw both the sunset on Feb. 18 and the sun rise on Feb. 19, a great combination.  Better yet, we saw the sunrise over a nearing Dominica, and as we cleaned below decks we were heard C Watch successfully drop anchor.

Dominica is so beautiful. The island is incredibly mountainous, and from the bay you can see that it's just so lush and green, the landscape is almost untouched with infrastructure. Some of us hiked through the brush (only to learn that we were struggling just feet from a well-kept path) to a rock beach and snorkeled, which was awesome. I had never snorkeled before, and seeing the coral (though much of it was covered in algae, a clear sign of degradation) and the fish and sea creatures with my own eyes were really amazing. Afterwards we went into the town of Portsmouth where we met a very nice man wearing a Seventy-Sixers Iverson Jersey which, as a proud Philadelphian, I was very excited about. For dinner most of the students, teachers, and crew ate at a barbeque hosted by P.A.Y.S, (Portsmouth Area Yacht Services) a local organization that offers security to the yachting community in Prince Rupert's Bay. The food was delicious and rounded out a very full and very fun first !
day in port.

- Molly

Love to 520, the pol/deks, and my nardians

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#1. Posted by Libby Pollak on February 21, 2017

To the Corwith Cramer gang; thanks so much for sharing such rich and wonderful news of your voyage… and for photographs, as well.  What an experience for all of you… And much appreciated by those of us on land.
Libby- (Molly’s mom).



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