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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 16, 2021

Phoenix’s blog

Phoenix Norwood, A Watch, Washington International School


Above: Aloft! Below: The fossiliferous cliffs of Martha's Vineyard. Have yet to find any fossils from this Shipek grab; Block Island wind farm.

Ship's Log

Ship position
38 D 16.98’ N, 64 D 33.86’ W

Ship heading
210 degrees

Ship speed:
4 knots (just a guess don’t judge I won’t be making a third trip up the stairs again)

Taffrail Log
578 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Waves are 2 feet in height, Beaufort force 2, and the wind and waves are both ENE of the ship’s compass.

Description of location
480 nm off the coast of Delaware and Maryland (I’m kinda close to DC?!?!?)

Souls on board

Dear Mom, and Zoey and Annabelle. I know it's been a while since you've heard from me, but just know I'm thinking of you, and miss you dearly. Mom I want you to tell all my friends on the dock that I said hi. I miss them dearly as well. Sorry I don't get to contact any of you regularly. Just know I love you all dearly and can't wait to see you all in person again.

Now that all the lovey dovey stuff is out of the way, I'm ready to get started on my blog! I got a lot to cover so here it goes:

The scariest day of my life: (October 10)
Well, not really but I'm pretty sure that it's up there in the top 5. Remember when I said that I would never ever climb the rigging on the boat? Well, I did. Will I do it again? Probably, I never learn from my mistakes the first time anyways. Here is a picture of me climbing the rigging. Yes, I was cursing my whole way up and down. I have truly become a sailor

October 11: Martha's Vineyard:
This day got me excited. I didn't find any fossils yet, but I still have the micro sample to work through one of these days from this place. The cliffs were so beautiful they reminded me of Calvert Cliffs at home with all the megs and whales protruding out the bank walls.

October 12: Block Island Wind Farm:
This day was really cool. Besides some sea sickness, I still was amazed at all the windmills and turbines that were out in the ocean creating good, clean, energy for us to all enjoy collectively.

October 13: FOSSILS! (81 percent sure)
The bad news was that this would be our last Shipek grab for a while before going off the continental shelf and into the deep. By this grab, I was feeling really down and really thought that the fossil jig was all up. Boy was I wrong. When the last sediment sample came up off the ocean bottom, I saw clay and shells mixed together. Bingo. Really a good recipe for fossils in my book.

Yeah, no need to really go into details with this one.

October 16: REALLY BAD SEA SICKNESS DAY PART ONE POINT FIVE: (And a double rainbow).
Yep. Ship happens. Not going to focus on the negative however because otherwise this will be called a drag post. And last time I checked, it's not called a drag post. Or a wuss post. It's called a blog post. Which is why I'm going to include a picture of the double rainbow that was captured this morning (which btw, I wasn't even supposed to be up at this hour so yay I guess)

Final Words:
Mom, Zoey and Annabelle, and friends on the dock, I love you all. I hope you know that to despite the sea sickness, I'm staying extraordinarily positive and having the time of my life. I'm surrounded by really good people on this vessel and ready to keep scienceing. Annabelle, please do your best to not eat Zoey and mom, know you're the light in my life. I can't wait to tell you all the wonderful stories I have when I'm back. Oh, and my next blog post I promise I will include whales this time.

Phoenix Norwood, A watch

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#1. Posted by Frances Norwood on October 18, 2021

You did it!  You climbed the rigging. Go Phoenix go!  I just posted your blog to all your friends at Gangplank. Did you all have high winds Sunday night? I’m trying to track you as you go and check on where you are every day. Kitties are still sleeping in your room then one will visit me each night—sometimes Annabelle sometimes Zooey. I’ll write more tonite. Love you Phee

#2. Posted by Liz Rolison on October 18, 2021


Way to go!  Only you would find a way to hunt fossils while on a boat.  I’m very impressed.  Glad to see you stepping out of your comfort zone on your climb up the rigging.  Life is about finding out what you can do. Have a great adventure.


Aunt Liz

#3. Posted by Frances Norwood on October 18, 2021

Zoey is making it tough to write. She’s laying on my arm and purring. I think she thinks she’s helping. Oh Zoey. I made a spooky underwater sea for Halloween with mermaid skeletons, jellyfish and I’m going to make a giant kraken on the roof. It may be my best decorations yet if the kraken works. I hope you dress up for Halloween!!! We miss you terribly but it makes me so happy to see photos of you and your friends doing cool things on the boat. I love you bunches! Enjoy every minute and try new stuff every day. Nite nite. Love, mom



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