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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 26, 2018

An Interdepartmental Pretzel Making Bonanza

Lauren Heinin, Steward

Ship's Log

Current Position
Standing at the griddle with a spatula and a tongs, bracing my body against the flour drawer

Meal Plan
Schnitzel or fried tofu, roasted veg, wild rice and applesauce

Current Galley Plan
Right oven on 375, front burners on high, hood fan on high

Hotter than Hades in the galley

Souls on board

Well hello there.  This is the ship's cook, Lauren.  Dinner is currently being eaten in the main salon so I'm taking a minute to see if I can express myself in words instead of food.

Every day a different student is assigned to be the assistant steward with Natalie and me for the whole day. They meet with us the night before and help us plan the menu, throwing out ideas and telling us about "this one time I had a thing, that was like cheesy, with a sauce, can we make that?" Natalie and I try our hardest to make dreams come true. I love getting to know each student through baking or rolling dough or chopping onions.
Sharing stories and songs while working at nourishing our community is a timeless tradition and I love being involved in it with everyone onboard. The more people I can get involved in a project in the galley the better. We had an interdepartmental pretzel making bonanza this afternoon with some very pleasing results. I love seeing the professional knot tiers showing off their skills using a different medium. In this photo we have two assistant scientists and two mates rolling dough into fascinating shapes. And what a good job they did!

It is my pleasure to be on this boat with all of these fine people, and to keep them fat and happy. When your student gets home, ask them to make something for you! They are all very capable cooks and have great culinary ideas.

Peace and chicken grease,

- Lauren

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#1. Posted by carol scheid on April 29, 2018

We just learned about your blog!  We have a back log of pix and entries to catch up on and will enjoy this for sure.  Spring has sprung on the Cape.  No more Nor’easters and outages to contend with.  Ha!  Pop celebrated his 79th bd on Fri.  Yikes!  Lots of yard work facing us.  Hope the old body will cooperate.  Soon we will attend your Mom"s graduation.  So looking forward to it but will miss you.  We know you will be there in spirit.  Two days later we attend Aric"s graduation in PA.  He will work on his CPA before starting with Price Waterhouse in Sept.  Hope you will get the bartending job this summer.  Wondering if the someone special you left behind has been on your mind.  Still extending your travels after?  You"ll have to get your sea legs back!  The pix remind us how fortunate you are to be experiencing this memorable trip.  Love you and stay safe.  Gree&Pop;



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