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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 29, 2016

Patatas and Debris!!!

Meredith Gano, Kenyon College

The Global Ocean: Europe

Above: Kiernan and I partaking in the beach survey. Below: Katherine, Yarrow, Meredith, Jared, Kiernan, Amanda, Ida, and Emily following the completion of the survey

Ship's Log


Souls on Board

Hola family and friends of C-269,
Today was an eventful day in Barcelona. The Conservation and Management class made an 8 am trek to the beach to conduct our beach survey- quick shout-out to Mark (Conservation and Management professor onshore), we miss you! It was a great time, Kiernan and I took care of a 5-foot length of the beach and found a lot of debris. Not surprisingly for the size of Barcelona, there many more plastics than we found in Woods Hole. Afterwards we took a well- deserved dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. While there were still a lot of rocks on the way in, not nearly as many as Woods Hole- Chacos were not needed. Following the beach clean-up, we made our way back to the Cramer and took a quick shower and nap. P.S. I’m still recovering from my 2am watch last night!

After a couscous filled lunch on the boat, we headed to the Museu Marítim de Barcelona. Here we saw much of what Barcelona had to offer in the way of maritime history, including a large and impressive replica of a 16th century Royal Galley. It opened our eyes to the history of shipping in the port city of Barcelona. Along with several other exhibits, we gained new context for the role of the Corwith Cramer in the world of maritime travel and oceanography.  

After exploring the museum, we were free to explore more of Barcelona. Yarrow and I decided to take a quick shopping excursion to La Rambla. Here we visited several boutiques and ended up stumbling on La Boqueria. La Boqueria was an amazing open-air market of fruits, nuts, meats, fruit juices, and desserts. I was honestly tempted to buy the whole market, but settled for a banana blackberry smoothie. After spending all of our euros in the boutiques (sorry Mom), we decided it was time to head back to the ship to rest before dinner.

Following our rest period, Yarrow, Kiernan and I hit the town in a bike-taxi made for one. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride, even though the driver seemed to be struggling a bit. We rode up to Plaza Real in style, making several loops around the main fountain of the square to show off our sweet ride. In the Plaza, we had a mouth-watering tapas dinner complete with Patatas Braves and Galicean Octopus. Following the very filling dinner, we walked down the busy La Rambla to the Cramer. We shared our leftover tapas with our shipmates and decided it was una buena noche. I’m looking forward to our last night in Barcelona and the chance to grab a plate of paella before setting sail on Saturday morning bound for Mallorca.

Signing off for now,

I’d like to say a quick hi to my family at home: my Mom, sister, brother and grandfathers- hope you are all doing well. Have some patatas for me.

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#1. Posted by Peggy Gano on October 03, 2016

HI Meredith - By now you should be close to Mallorca! I hope everyone faired well on the first leg of the sail! Sounds like Barcelona was fun and we will have some patatas here in NJ over the weekend! xoxo Mom (PS I love your t-shirt you are wearing during the beach clean-up:) )

#2. Posted by Jan Sayles on October 14, 2016

Hi Meredith! 

What a terrific adventure you’re having!  So proud of you.  Thanks for writing about your experiences so beautifully and eloquently.  We love reading the blog.

Love you and big hug!

Jan and Rick



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