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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 30, 2019

Orientation Day

Allison Taylor, Captain


SSV Corwith Cramer (file photo).

Ship's Log

Current Position
West of George’s Island, 42°19’N x 70°57’W

Course & Speed
At anchor

Clear skies.  Wind SW, force 4.  Seas less than one foot.

Ship’s crew

All aboard had a great day today, full of learning and trying to stay cool! We started the day anchored off Logan International Airport, and after a discussion about seeing and sketching, we spent the morning doing one rotation of orientations including lab safety, engine room and watch standing on deck.

Before lunch we left the airport and Inner Harbor behind and motored out of the harbor and around the corner of Nixes Mate to a nice muddy spot just west of George’s Island, home of Fort Warren.  There we continued the orientation stations, this time with line handling, hydrowire training and how to do a boat check, filling their young brains with lots of useful and important information.

There were a couple other activities thrown in to keep it interesting and everyone was glad for the swim call in late afternoon!  Then, half of the student group was trained in going aloft while the other worked with Kerry and me for an introduction to painting with watercolors, making a color swatch with their paint set and drawing a little island profile for practice.

It was also Taco Tuesday for all three meals, so no complaints there.  And otherwise, the ship’s company has been settling in well to life aboard!

- Captain Allison Taylor

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#1. Posted by Tuyet Kerrigan on July 31, 2019

What wonderful adventure you’re on! Looking forward to reading more as the days go by.



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