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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 13, 2017

One step closer to Capt. Jack Sparrow

Hannah King, B Watch, Connecticut College

Caribbean Reef Expedition

Hello down there! (PC: Steph Gorney and Gretchen Beehler)

Ship's Log

16°44.196’N x 062°02.541’W

East of Montserrat

Sail Plan
Motoring under sail at 100°

Souls on Board
Log: 688.8 nm

Weather: Clear, sunny day with light breeze

We left Montserrat this morning after a few days of meetings, an adventurous hike, and a quick tour of Soufriere Hills and the active volcano. Right now we are headed north to Antigua, with just a few watch  rotations and a couple of scientific deployments, we will be there soon to pick up another shipmate and head to Barbuda. This voyage has been nothing short of exciting, humbling, adventurous, academic, and all-consuming in every aspect. I have loved every little second of it, from morning cleaning chores, to checking the engine in high heat and waves, to sailing, snorkeling, and lab; I would not trade the world for any of it.

But, here I am, only ten days left in our voyage, and have so much to say, but do not even know where to start. Being able to explore Grenada, Tobago Cays, and Montserrat have been something out of a dream for me. Never have I imagined that this would be possible, especially doing something I love almost as much as the ocean: sailing!

Like everyone here, we all share a passion for our oceans, that’s why we are studying coral reef ecology, water column stratification, and ocean policy as we travel. And, if I may say so, almost all of us have a new found passion for sailing, too. I came in with a strong love for the oceans and sailing, and this program has only added to the addiction in my life, and it will be incredibly difficult to leave… (I promise I will come home though, Mom and Dad!).

While people are anxious about leaving, some of my shipmates and I are trying to take in everything we can. Whether that be participating in swim calls after a long day, climbing the rigging when possible, getting up early to watch the sun rise, or take a break from work and enjoy a nice sunset. One night we shined dive lights down into the water to illuminate huge tarpon feeding off of bait fish that were attracted to our deck lights. Other times we get to explore reefs after collecting data, and go on our own little adventures. We noticed that sometimes the small things can get overlooked, and our goal is to not let that happen. Because everything, even the smallest of things, like a nice cup of coffee in the morning, can start the day off right.

Lastly, two of the days that we had been anchored in Montserrat, we had let people of the island come aboard the Cramer for tours. People of all ages arrived on deck, and we showed them around our huge floating home. I walked around the ship (probably three times just with one little boy and girl), while they asked every question under the moon. The wonderment that the children had is something I miss extremely from working with youth, and it reminded me when I was little, how obsessed I was with big ships. I always wanted to be a modern day ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’, travelling around and making my own adventure. I hope that excitement stays for those kids, and that the wonderment for me, will not fade with time. It definitely is growing with this voyage!

Catch you later,

PS: Sending my love to my insanely big, crazy family and friends!

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