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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 03, 2018

One halyard away from victory…

Sierra and Amanda


B-watch members Zey, Sierra, Amanda and Fran display pride for the Best watch this side of Davey Jones's locker.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
39°50.8’ N x 67°42.9’ W

Ship Heading
320° (West Northwest)

Ship Speed
2 kts

380.2 nm

Wind/ Weather
A balmy 26° C with West Southwest winds at a Beaufort force of 2

In the middle of the bottomless depths

Ship’s crew

Dearest landlubbers,

Greetings from the highest of seas! At the unfortunate hour of 0600 B-watch was jostled from their sweet dreams of riding off into the sunset aboard newly saddled whales to stand watch in the sweltering heat for 6 hours. However, some good came from this brutal awakening: upon the removal of her ever-fashionable Keens, Amanda was delighted to discover that the moon had blessed her with the glorious tanned markings of the Keen (Sierra is also sporting a fashionable Teva tan).

During watch the lab unleashed one phyto net, a CTD, a Secchi disk and 24 polystyrene chalices to the murky depths of the great blue.  (Don't fret for the fishes, we recovered the chalices though they were considerably diminished from their original size) Additionally, crew members J-ber and Brendan lubed the CTD wire with the support of Fran and Sierra, sporting the most fashionable outfits ever known to mankind (or any kind as a matter of fact).   

Meanwhile, the deck worked tirelessly to gybe, strike the jib and feverishly remember their lines so that they would not be fed to the kraken AKA the wrath of their  fellow watch mates upon the impending line relay.  After watch, our exhausted heroes descended upon the enchiladas leaving few survivors. Amanda fell into a deep slumber from which she did not arise in a timely manner and so was therefore sauced out of her bed by the illustrious Kai to participate in the frenetic line chase.  (What a pledge move)  Upon her arrival, chaos ensued as the watches vigorously shook their limbs and shouted temperature words at the top of their lungs to any poor confused soul who did not know the precise location of the tops'l clewl'n or deep reef tack. 

Although A watch conga-ed through the finish line first, B watch emerged victorious in spirit (and the whales thought they won).  With a newly enlightened mind, the watches harmoniously clambered downstairs for some bread muffins.  The girls futilely attempted to decode the mysterious interworking of the Turks Head, while the boys turned their noses up at the so called 'friendship bracelets' (they're a good luck charm ya know). 

Update from the main saloon: Kai emerged against the tangle of unfeeling rope to the great jealousy of all present. That brings us to now, where Sierra and Amanda sit, crafting this literary masterpiece, awaiting a fat dinner and a long hibernation before their watch at the reviled  hour of 0100 (at least there'll be some stars). They will also be searching for the ghost of the wind, which currently has abandoned Mother Cramer, leaving her inching along at a speed of 2kts.  At least we're not on the motor!  The ship is desperately waiting for the musical stylings of the B-Watch band to grace their ears with beautiful melodies, featuring Sierra on violin, Amanda on the 3-stringed ukulele, Kai on guitar and Zey on vocals. 

I think that pretty much sums up life on board Mother Cramer today... and we'd better get some sleep.  Until we meet again,

-  Sierra and Amanda (Your favorite students / Members of the B(est) Watch)

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#1. Posted by Pappa G on August 06, 2018

A salty tale indeed. Keep an eye out for the Perseids during those night watches. Looking forward to hearing a Jack Tar strings original upon your return.

#2. Posted by Scheherazade on August 06, 2018

We love hearing about your 0100 days and nights, and are hoping for a good meteor shower.  It bears mentioning that Pica (Squeaka)spends all her time looking for you.  Love you!!

#3. Posted by Bartholemew on August 07, 2018

Holy moly! This is the most outstanding work of literature and prose that I have ever laid my eyes upon. Much love from the depths of the sea!
The Kraken



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