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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

May 24, 2017

New York, New Crew, and Endless Emotions

Maggie Schultz, B Watch, Mount Holyoke College

Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

Hello New York!

Ship's Log

New York City, Pier 15, South Street Seaport

Souls on Board

Inexpresable. If I could describe today in one word, it would be inexpresable. Our day was filled with realizations and puffy eyes as we navigated through the busy waters of New York City harbor. Realizations that today was our last day underway aboard the Corwith Cramer, that these could be our last sweats on the braces, our final sail firls, dawn watch, lookout and helm time. It was with a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and sadness that we docked at 0800 in Brookline Harbor, knowing that this was not a port stop, that we would be departing with all of our things in less than two days. It's a weird adjustment to go from seeing the same 31 people, no other  ships and endless horizons to being surrounded by endless numbers of buildings, cars, noises and constantly changing faces.

We all handled it fairly well though and were able to leave the boat and really stretch our legs a little bit. I als found myself thinking a lot about how weirdly people were dressed. Foulies, cargo pants, sweatpants and leggings have been the prime style on the ship so it was weird to see people and realize that that was not an acceptable outfit for New York.

Eventually we all made it back to Mama Cramer at 1745 for one of the best dinners we've had so far. All the food was fresh. Sabrina pulled out all the strings and made us kale salad, corn on the cob, French fries, ribs and really awesome seitan for the vegans. So good! This dinner was not only delicious, it was a pre-swizzle feast. This was our final swizzle of the trip and everyone came dressed as another crew member who's name they had picked out of a cup. Some people scrounged up clothing of their own to wear, but most of us just used it as an excuse to sneak into each others bunks and steal their clothing for the swizzle. People also pulled out their best talents, there were skits, jokes, music and so much more.

It began with a check in to make sure all of C-watch (aka chill watch who often sleeps through meetings) was there. For some reason Shannon and I were chosen to MC the swizzle so we did our best to make the pauses between acts a little entertaining. There were a lot of rosts from various watches, there were science poems, skits, a mandolin performance, various previews of the soon-to-be nautical sailing album on Spotify and even an exclusive interview with crocodile woman. It was a very lively swizzle that ended in tears when Abba, Madison, Vanessa and Paige handed out the most thoughtful  plate awards I have ever seen. Overall it was an amazing night as well as an emotional roller coaster made ten times more emotional because we were all running off of 2-4 hours of sleep.

It is a constant culture shock to come up from down below and realize that we are no longer underway in the middle of the Atlantc ocean, but in a ginormis city. It was difficult realizing that our time on Mama Cramer is really coming to a close. I'm sure we will all have serious withdrawls from the Cramer, but at least we will have a little more time to adjust to landlubber life together on shore. I am so grateful for the crew and my shipmates and the Cramer and this amazing journey that is quickly and with many emotions coming to a close. We have all learned so much about shiplife, science, research, eachother and ourselves and even though it is still hard to believe that it really happened, we successfully sailed from Nassau Bahamas all the way to New York City! I know we will all sleep very well tonight, enjoying our last nights in our swaying seabunks. Hopefully my snoring won't wake to many people.

- Maggie

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#1. Posted by Laurie Carlson on May 25, 2017

Maggie Schultz, it’s been delightful reading the blog as you have had this incredible experience. I cannot even imagine how it feels, but I’m so happy for you! This adventure is now part of your DNA and I’m sure you will draw on it throughout the rest of your life.  Have a wonderful summer!
Love, Aunt Laurie



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