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July 30, 2016

Marine Mammals

Allison Herchuk and Alessandra Abad, Wayzata High School and North Brunswick Township High School

SEA Semester

Today in Maia’s class we had the best discussion about Marine biology. We talked about the different types of mammals such as the Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, Sirenians and Fissipeds. Maia did a great job bringing the class alive by watching fun videos that connected to what we were learning. After the lecture we got poptarts for a snack and ate them on the go while we walked down to the beach called Surf Drive. At the beach we learned that you have to be really careful crossing the road because of the mean bikers.

Later we took a field trip to the Woods Hole Aquarium where everyone got to walk around where there were so many cool aquariums exhibits. After that we got to go outside where they were the training the seals. We enjoyed watching Bumper and Lucille perform tricks in order to earn fish. It was very cute and we all had a fun time watching them, especially the "banana" pose, in which the seals curve their bodies while sitting up right to form a banana! Later we were able to walk along the main street and shop at stores for an hour in Woods Hole before heading back for pizza and movie night! We first watched Studio Ghibli's Ponyo. And to finish off, we then watched Dreamwork's classic movie Road to El Dorado!

Allison & Alessandra

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