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December 02, 2019

Mandoo’s Friends

Courtney Dunham, Mount Holyoke College


Above: A group photo taken by Mandoo at the top of the fort at sunset. Below: Mandoo teaching us about bay leaves; Learning about cocoa production in the chocolate factory;

Ship's Log

Port Louis, Grenada

28.5C, mostly clear skies, force 1 winds from the NxE

Calm seas

Souls on board

Greetings from C-289 in Grenada! We had an action-packed day going on a tour of the island! We started off our adventure with a stretching exercise led by Cody, our steward, in the marina parking lot. We then met our tour guide, Mandoo Seales, and boarded the air-conditioned van (emphasis on the air conditioning). Mandoo was immediately enthusiastic to meet us all and kept us engaged right from the beginning. As we drove around the island, Mandoo pointed out various sites and towns and regularly paused so we could all get pictures.

Our first official stop was the waterfall that involved several twisting roads through the rainforest. The waterfall had a beautiful swimming hole with refreshing cool water. We were quickly informed of the area where we could jump into the swimming hole and, after an intrepid first jump by Cody, there was a very long line. I jumped off five times and it was always equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. When Chief Historian Ben went to take the leap, everyone started chanting and cheering. I could have stayed here all day but, alas, we had an entire day of stops left and we had to continue on.

Our next stops included learning about the production of spices and chocolate, with plenty of opportunities to smell and taste the items. Nutmeg, the island’s chief export, has an incredible shelf life of 25 years and all parts of the nutmeg are used in production! The chocolate factory had a special place in my heart because not only could we see the production process, but also there were also plenty of samples. My favorite flavor was 60% sweet and dark, but I also enjoyed the 60% one with nutmeg. I finished off my visit with a chocolate banana smoothie that I shared with Liz and Jamie.

Our afternoon consisted of lunch at the beach, a trip to the fish market, a visit to the mangrove restoration site, a drive through the rainforest with a stop on the top of the mountain, and finally a visit to Fort George. Our lunch featured breathtaking beach views, several friendly dogs, and free WiFi, allowing several of us to contact our friends and family for the first time in a week. We saw a very large shark fin at the fish market and were able to talk to local fishermen about their catches and exports. At the mangrove restoration site, Sabrina, Carla and I made friends with Cameron, a local sixth grader who loves soccer. He walked with us from the site back to the bus and also showed us that he is a better dancer than all of us. We were delighted to see a monkey at our rainforest stop and experienced our first chilly air since arriving in the Caribbean.

Our final stop was a visit to the fort, which I found to be the most profound experience of my day. This was the site where Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his government were assassinated in 1983. We were all moved by the experience and were grateful for Mandoo sharing the complex history and unknowns surrounding this tragic event.

After our tour concluded at around 1800, we were able to visit local restaurants for dinner. I chose to go to Patrick’s with Izzy, Liz and Ciara where we had a delicious meal of Caribbean tapas. Our day was extremely informative and exhausting. I am thankful for Mandoo taking the time to give us the tour, his willingness to answer our questions, and for considering us all his friends. I can’t wait to go snorkeling tomorrow!

- Courtney Dunham, Mount Holyoke College

P.S. A special shout out to my parents and all the friends reading this post! Miss you and see you soon!

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#1. Posted by Barbara Ross on December 05, 2019

Wow Courtney ! What an experience you are having ! Learning and having fun at the same time . Thanks to grandma Betty for sharing .  Aunt Barbara

#2. Posted by rankersparadise on January 14, 2020

thanks for the information



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