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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 22, 2015

That’s well your SEA Semester

Emma Tolerton, B Watch, Mount Holyoke College

A zooplankton off – very scientific charades by our leaders of science and mighty steward.

Ship's Log

36° 47.9’S x 174° 56.7’E

At anchor off Motuihe Island in the Auckland outer harbor

Souls on Board

After a day of fighting the mung, Bobby C is spotless and all our stuff is (mostly) crammed back into our bags. We set the mainsl one last time and are now preparing for a delicious dinner and final festivities tonight, where everyone’s talents will be finely displayed. For instance, the ever-modest Andy is currently sitting next to me, looking positively radiant and ready to put on the performance of his life at Swizzle.

Anyway, you, our friends and family, will soon be reunited (or at least in contact) with us once again and I have therefore provided the following guide for understanding your beloved student after this experience.

“Don’t blame me if I…” A guide to your post-SEA student:

  1. Loudly repeat every command you give me
  2. Wear full foulies next time there is a chance of rain
  3. Expect a rap or song every time I learn something new
  4. Ask if the poop is on
  5. Yell “hot coming out” when a dish is being brought to the table
  6. Use 2-6 as a count off
  7. Eat 3 servings of every meal in record time and then reset my place
  8. Say “that’s well” when I decide something is done
  9. Clean the floors on my hands and knees with a sponge and ask where the squeegee is
  10. Check the house every hour for fire and other potential hazards
  11. Can’t remember the last time I showered and have to be reminded that is something people do regularly
  12. Wake you up in the middle of the night asking for brownies
  13. Add the phrase “in a dynamic environment” to every action (e.g. knitting in a dynamic environment, drinking tea in a dynamic environment, walking in a dynamic environment)
  14. Tear the cupboard apart looking for Saladas between every meal
  15. Always walk on the windward side
  16. Talk about a mysterious coffee-drinking wizard
  17. Speak incessantly in accents
  18. Ask if the tables are gimbled or, alternatively, just avoid contact with the tabletop
  19. Refer to all birds as shearwaters and all cute animals as “charismatic megafauna”
  20. Claim to be “salped” by schoolwork
  21. Assign you a role in the event of a fire
  22. Treat peanut butter like contraband or
  23. Eat peanut butter ravenously whenever I can get my hands on it
  24. Plot our position every hour on road trips
  25. Claim I lost my heart in gear adrift
  26. Yell “up behind” when I want you to let go of something
  27. Have forgotten how to use an alarm
  28. Can’t stop raving about my new favorite band: Dawn Watch Redemption
  29. Suddenly chant “mola-mola” at seemingly random moments
  30. Can name 7+ navigational stars but none of the news stories from the past month
  31. Say “Take it to the pin and sweat” when the going gets tough
  32. Start stories with “that one time on mid watch”
  33. Feel lonely when not living in a confined space with 32 other people

I hope this is helpful, although honestly it probably isn’t.

Much love to everyone, thanks for keeping up with our antics, and talk to you soon!

Make fast.

- Emma

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#1. Posted by The Pages on December 23, 2015

Wishing all the humans, charismatic megafauna, and zooplankton out there a very happy Christmas!



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