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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 03, 2019

Line chase fun! Featuring whales and the lone shark

Clare Long & Grace English

SSV Corwith Cramer (file photo).

Ship's Log

Current Position

Course & Speed
310 and 4.8 knots

Sail Plan
At Georges Bank, sailing to Appledore Island

Clear skies, windy, large waves, 16.4° C and dropping slowly

Ship’s Crew

 B Watch got a lazy start to the day after a night watch from 1900 to 0100. Many of us slept through breakfast and woke up with a little time to hang out on deck together before going to lunch. We finished off a very delicious lunch of couscous with sweet potato and tahini sauce and grabbed our harnesses to go on watch. Those of us in the lab while on watch processed the Neuston Net and did a few other tests to record data  from George’s Bank.

At 1430 we had class on the quarterdeck where there were two presentations by C Watch. After learning about different types of clouds, our surface oceanographic data, and fin whales, we participated in the Line Chase. The Line chase is a relay race that all of the watches compete in. During the line chase, each watch formed a line and the person at the front of the line would be given a card that said the name of one of the many
lines on the boat. That person would then have to walk to where he or she thought the line was and place their hand on the line.

A crew member would check whether that was the correct line. If we got it right, we would walk back to our line and the next person would get a new line to find. If you got it wrong, you had three guesses and then you had to walk back to your line and the next person in line would have to find the line that you couldn’t. If you happened to run during the chase, you would have to crab walk back to your line. As you can probably imagine, all of the watches were going crazy cheering on their watch mates as they tried to find the correct lines. On B Watch, we cheered and could barely refrain from telling our watch mate where the line was. B Watch won the line chase and watched as the other two watches battled it out with the slight interruption of a shark who decided to say hello.

At around 1600, two whales appeared on the horizon and everyone went to watch them. Then the wind picked up after dinner and the waves got larger. Some even crashed over the side of the boat, soaking B Watch who were working on the deck. After watch was over, B Watch went below-decks and hung out in the main salon. It was weird due to the fact that the whole ship was leaning to one side. This made it very hard to walk and some people found themselves hugging the walls or even bumping into them every once in a while.

Hi Mom, Dad, Nick, and Miles! How are you? It is so much fun on the Corwith Cramer but I am a little sleep deprived due to the dawn watch and not being able to force myself to go to sleep when it is 10:00 am. Love you guys so much!

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#1. Posted by Kara L Long on August 05, 2019

Hi Clare and Friends!
This sounds so amazing and busy and fun.  Thanks for writing and letting us know you are having a good time.  Percy is wandering around the back yard like a blind cat does, and helping us with the gardening.  Grace says hello. 

#2. Posted by Marilyne on August 05, 2019

That’s a really full day of activities following a late night watch! Line chasing competition, experiments, delicious meals, whales on the horizon, and an adventure navigating a leaning ship.

How lucky you all are to enjoy these fantastic experiences!

#3. Posted by Mom and Dad English on August 05, 2019

Hi Grace and Corwith Cramer Crew,
We love reading your blogs and tracking your adventure.
Props to B Watch for taking the Line Chase despite sleep deprivation. Grace, Miles and Nick miss the trash talk;) Rosie sends kisses. Dad and I send hugs. We cannot wait to see you in Squam!



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